Zan Shengda Net Worth

Zan Shengda Net Worth is
$1.6 Billion

Zan Shengda Biography

$2.6 Billion: Zan Shengda’s Jiangsu Zongyi has transformed itself from a clothes processing factory in the 1980s to a provider of solar photovoltaic parts that run solar powered energy plant life in Italy, Germany, the U.S. and Bulgaria. The Shanghai-listed firm also offers interests in it and equities. A global known Jiangsu Zongyi personality Zan Shengda born in 1st january in great city of China. Zan Shengda net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is normally $2,600,000,000. Chinese businessman Zan Shengda comes with an estimated net worthy of of $1.6 billion by April 2016

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