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Zak Bagans Net Worth is
$1.5 Million

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It’s been reported that the entire size of Zak Bagans net well worth is really as much as 1.5 million dollars in fact it is anticipated that his net worth increase in future. Zak Bagans offers earned a huge component of his net well worth and fame due to his function as a bunch of Television series. This display is named “Ghost Adventures” and it has added up too much to the full total sum of Zak Bagans net well worth. Furthermore to hosting this display, he is also focusing on it as its executive maker, business lead investigator and editor. Zak Bagans was created in Washington DC in 1977. Zak Bagans is definitely also called one of those individuals who have founded Ghost Adventures Crew. This crew is called one of the primary network internationally which handles paranormal actions. He got interested into paranormal actions when in 2002 he fulfilled with a spirit of a murdered female in his house in Trenton, MI. Six years exceeded and he produced a display related to paranormal actions, known as “Ghost Adventures”, which produced his name popular and in addition added up to the entire quantity of Zak Bagans net well worth. In this show he’s joined by additional two different people, Aaron Goodwin and Nick Groff. The three people head to places which are reported to be haunted and investigate them. In 2011 he began to work on another display called “Paranormal Problem”, which airs on the Travel Channel. He became a bunch of this show in addition to a maker of it. Therefore, this display also produced his name popular and added up to the full total size of Zak Bagans net well worth. Furthermore, he spent some time working on another displays on the Travel Channel, like the documentary called “Best Travel: Legends of the Parks”, where he offered as a narrator of it. Furthermore to his appearances on Television shows, Zak Bagans is definitely also called a writer and therefore he collaborated with Kelly Crigger and wrote a publication titled “Dark World: In to the Shadows with the Business lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew”. In 2012, he extended his function into paranormal Television shows when he was selected as the executive maker of another display on the Travel Channel, known as “Paranormal Paparazzi”. In the same yr, he went on to start out his personal business when he released his own clothing collection called DungeonWear. 9 Synopsis: Zak Bagans can be an American actor, author, television personality in addition to a paranormal investigator, most widely known as the host of the Travel Channel’s paranormal series Ghost Adventures who founded the Ghost Adventures Crew. Early existence and education: Zak Bagans was created as Zachary Alexander Bagans on 5th April 1977 in Washington, District of Columbia. He’s of UNITED STATES ethnicity and comes with an American nationality. He’s of Italian, Czech and German descent. Bagans visited Glenbard West SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and graduated in 1995. After graduating senior high school he attended Western Michigan University limited to 8 months. He later on graduated from FILM Institute of Michigan. Profession: Zak Bagans became popular as the lead professional and sponsor of the American Television set up about the paranormal Ghost Adventures. He’s one of the primary supporters of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) and one of the primary overall system of professional paranormal professionals. Previously, Bagans enthusiasm for the paranormal was awoken when he encountered the soul of a self-destructive woman in his condo employed in Trenton, MI, in 2002. After six years, as of this moment an alum from the film college in MI, he started to deliver and also have the Ghost Adventures. On the display, Bagans and his hunter close friends, Nick Groff & Aaron Goodwin, explore areas that are accounted for to become haunted. Begas is frequently criticized for his methods and he asserts that he respect afterlife and simply must touch off a reply from evil. In 2011, he converted into the sponsor for the display called Paranormal Problem on the Travel Channel. Begas went forward to spell it out Travel Channel uncommon Best Travel: Legends of the Parks and collaborated with Kelly Crigger to compose a publication, Dark World: In to the Shadows with the Business lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew. He amplified somewhat more his paranormal exercises in 2012 as he converted into the Executive Maker of another display on the Travel Channel, Paranormal Paparazzi. That yr, Begas propelled his personal garments collection called Dungeon Put on and has produced two music collaborations, one with the Belgian-American band Lords of Acid and additional with the Belgian performer Praga Khan. Personal existence: Zak Bagans, happens to be solitary. Previously he was in a romantic relationship with Christine Dolce however the romantic relationship didn’t last for very long. There isn’t any information regarding him being into additional relationships after the previous. His personal existence isn’t in the limelight as his career route. There is absolutely no any solid evidence that leads towards his marriage and children. Being truly a superstar his stuff is constantly a matter of concern to general people. Net well worth: Begas includes a good profession and paid him well financially. Although it’s hard to put on an actual annual income in a number, his net well worth is approximated to become $1.5 million. There is absolutely no doubt that he’s living a lavish lifestyle. $1.5 Million: Zak Bagans (born April 5, 1977) can be an American paranormal investigator, television personality, actor, and author. He’s the sponsor of the Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventures.Zachary Alexander Bagans was created on April 5, 1977, in Washington, D.C. He graduated Glenbard West SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in 1995. Bagans attended the FILM Institute in Michigan. Pursuing graduation from MPI, he relocated to NEVADA, aspiring to film documentaries. After arriving in NEVADA, he found are a marriage disc jockey. A previous skeptic, Bagans says that his enthusiasm for investigating the paranormal resulted from what he describes as ‘a face-to-encounter encounter with the spirit of a suicidal female’, in his former house building in Trenton, Michigan. Zak Bagans Net Well worth: Zak Bagans can be an American Television series host who includes a net well worth of $1.5 million. Zak Bagans has gained his net well worth through his hosting of Ghost Adventures, and also being the business lead investigator, executive maker and editor of the display. Born on April 4, 1977, in Washington, DC, Zak Bagans produced a name for himself as the business lead investigator and sponsor of the American Television series about the paranormal Ghost Adventures. He’s also among the co-founders of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), among the largest world-wide network of professional paranormal investigators. A previous skeptic, Zak’s curiosity in the paranormal was awoken when he arrived face-to-encounter with the spirit of a suicidal female in his house building in Trenton, MI, in 2002. Six years later, currently a graduate from the film college in MI, he began to produce and sponsor the Ghost Adventures. On the display, Bagans and his fellow hunters, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, investigate places that are reported to become haunted. Despite the fact that Bagans may also be criticized about his strategies, he statements that he respects afterlife and just really wants to ignite a response from evil entities. In 2011, Zak Bagans became the host and maker of another paranormal display called Paranormal Problem on the Travel Channel. He continued to narrate Travel Channel unique Best Travel: Legends of the Parks and teamed up with Kelly Crigger to create a book, Dark Globe: In to the Shadows with the Business lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew. He prolonged a lot more his paranormal actions in 2012 as he became the Executive Maker of a new display on the Travel Channel, Paranormal Paparazzi. The same 12 months, he launched his personal clothes collection called DungeonWear and offers been produced two music collaborations, one with the Belgian-American band Lords of Acid and additional with the Belgian musician Praga Khan. Zak Bagans net well worth currently amounts to $1.5 million dollars. Because so many of you know, he’s a paranormal investigator, tv personality and book writer. As such, Zak is usually a rather controversial superstar. Some are intrigued by his investigations and admire him for the bravery to get into connection with evil spirits. In the mean time the others contact Zak and his crew professional fakers, who manipulate people‘s fears and play on the insecurities to get wealthy. I can‘t answer fully the question which of the groups have the reality on the side. What I could do is expose you with the demonstrates boosted Zak Bagans net well worth to huge amount of money and his personal attitudes on these displays. Before starting to are a paranormal investigator Zak was a marriage DJ. Actually, that‘s how he befriended his colleague Nick Groff: the previous hired Zak to execute at his wedding ceremony. And why Zak made a decision to change his existence totally and shifted his interest from music to ghosts? Based on the star, it had been a face-to-encounter encounter with the spirit of a suicidal female that motivated him to focus on paranormal activity. And that‘s just about what the group of „ghost hunters“, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin, are performing on tv series Ghost Adventures: they investigate reportedly haunted places, hoping to get visual or auditory proof paranormal activity. The mind-boggling impression I obtain when viewing these series, is usually that the group takes their job lifeless significantly. And I don‘t say this because they have a variety of seriously-looking devices. What I am attempting to underline here’s that Zak forms the feeling of a guy who actually believes in what he’s doing. Furthermore, he seems completely convinced that the work they are doing is usually very important to wider society. For instance, in the interviews the celebrity has said: „I experience sometimes that the additional side has selected us and has selected to create its appearances and consciousness to us.“ And „These irrefutable occasions [when spirits are contacted] are types that help us understand life after loss of life.“ Seeing how very long this tv program has were able to survive, I have to conclude that there surely is a significant part of People in america who take it seriously as well. Unless, of course, the majority of its audiences consider Ghost Adventures to become a comedy show watching it for an excellent laugh, not super-natural understanding. Even if folks are actually laughing before their displays and don’t believe everything (or anything) they see on the display, I don‘t believe Zak minds that so long as they are viewing. The display still serves among its main purposes: raises Zak Bagans net well worth. Plus, he enjoys what he’s doing: „The best benefit of my job has been able to happen to be places to research powerful stories, a lot of which consists of unsolved mysteries and deaths. If you ask me as a documentarian and paranormal investigator, this places the adventure in my own existence and indicating to my work.“ Zachary Alexander Bagans, popularly referred to as Zak Bagans, was created in Washington DC in the entire year 1977 and was raised in NEVADA. Zak Bagans’ net well worth is usually $1.5 million which he earned from his roles as a musician, writer, director and American executive maker. He’s also the co-founder and business lead investigator of Ghost Adventures Crew. In 1995, Zak graduated from the Glenbard West SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL from where then relocated to the FILM Institute. He aspired to film documentaries producing him head to NEVADA where he landed employment of wedding ceremony DJ. Bagans’ enthusiasm to research the paranormal has gained him further acknowledgement. He also hosted an application on a popular Television channel, the Paranormal Problem, in 2011. His enthusiastic curiosity in the paranormal influenced him to create a publication, along with Kelly Crigger, that was probably the most popular NY Times Best Seller. One of the business lead investigator and co-founder of the ‘Ghost Experience Crew" business, Zak Bagans, professional paranormal investigators and is mainly referred to as the presenter and the primary investigator for the truth tv shows on The Travel Channel’s "Ghost Adventures." He was created on April 5, 1977, in Washington D.C. and lately resides in NEVADA. What’s His Profession and Progression? Zak teamed up with Nick and Aaron to create a documentary-style film named ‘Ghost Experience’ in 2004. And almost four years following the first months and the show aired in the America, where in fact the crew stayed the night time in the allegedly haunted Bobby Mackey’s Music Globe, and he claimed to obtain many mystical scratch marks on his back again. He offers criticized by some paranormal fanatics for intense and confrontational methods he uses throughout investigations. He premiered his fresh series on the Travel Channel "Deadly Possessions" in April 2016. How Rich is usually Zak, Net Well worth? Zak has approximated net well worth of $1.5 million dollars and in addition has massive levels of yearly income as well as the bonus deals and annually salary. However, he’s also popular as the richest increasing star as well as the reality star and in addition talented. Nevertheless, he in addition has bought a ‘demon’ home in Indiana over $300 thousand dollars recently. Also to see his interpersonal media accounts and wiki sites, he exhausted his high-class lifestyle and in addition spent profit the tattoo. Marcy and Zak in Like? Zak, a favorite reality celebrity hasn’t married to day and in addition hasn’t any information regarding his wife and divorce aswell. However, many rumor about his child, but he claimed and stated that he does not have any any daughter aswell. This guy offers been romantically dating Christine Dolce, plus they began dating from 2013, but unfortunately they spilled their relation some years back. But there is fresh girlfriend alert in his existence, and she actually is Marcy DeLaTorre. Marcy is usually his fresh girlfriend, and matters obtain heated when Nick makes out with her. The very next day, he proposed, after their 1st day or fulfilled and she also accepts instantly his proposed. Nevertheless, the fulfilled through their good friend, Nick and she stated within an interview that dating with Zak was a very important thing for her in lifetime. So, it appears that they are pleased to each other and in addition madly love to one another as well. Brief Bio: He was created as Zachary Alexander and popular as Zak, the tv screen host and in addition earns massive levels of money aswell. Bagans’ height has ended 6 feet 1 in . and also offers a dashing and in addition attractive looks along with his well-made-up body form. He’s also a handsome man, found him on sociable media network aswell.

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Quick Facts

Full NameZak Bagans
Net Worth$1.5 million
Date Of BirthApril 5, 1977
Height1.82 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Film producer, Author, Film director, Actor, Television Editor, Television Director
SiblingsMeredith Bagans
MoviesGhost Adventures
TV ShowsParanormal Challenge, Ghost Adventures, Deadly Possessions, Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks

Interesting Facts

1He had a dungeon built in his former house, in Las Vegas.
2He attended Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He graduated on January 1995.
3Has 2 scars on each eyebrow.
4Favorite colors: black, red and silver.
5On February 1998 he was on Las Vegas Wheel of Fortune for Family Week along with his sister.
6Allergic to red fruits, prawns, pumpkin, spinach, calf, rye, paprika, grapes and almonds.
7Loves animals, above all dogs.
8Fond of history.
9After graduating in high school he attended Western Michigan University only for 8 months. He later graduated at Motion Picture Institute of Michigan.
10Adopted a dog named Gracie from Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
11Appeared in a Lumber Liquidator commercial.
12He has 7 tattoos: an angel/demon behind his neck, symbol of the battle between good and evil he faced on his investigation on Poveglia Island, Italy (2009). A little Christian cross on his right index. A big Celtic cross on his left arm. An Aries symbol on his right arm. Dracula's cross on his right wrist. The writing "Denn die Todten reiten Schnell", German for "for the dead travel fast", a quote from Bram Stoker's "Dracula", on his inner left arm. Number 11, near the German writing, symbolizing his apologizes to a female spirit he mocked while investigation on room n. 11 of Silver Queen Hotel, Virginia City, back on 2004.
13Huge fan of Vlad III Tepes, aka Dracula.
14He's of Italian, Czech and German descent.
15He has an elder sister, Meredith and two younger half-siblings: Sky and Phil.
16He's an Aries.
17He worked as a Vegas Voltage DJ for weddings in Las Vegas.
18Favorite subject at school was Poetry.
19He uses glasses.
20Has a fear of snakes, heights, clowns and "creepy-looking" dolls.
21Met and befriended Ghost Adventures (2008) co-creator Nick Groff at Las Vegas in 2004, as Nick hired him as DJ for his wedding.
22He is a graduate of the Motion Picture Institute.


1I don't hunt ghosts, I communicate with them.




The Demon House2015Documentary executive producer post-production
Ghost Adventures2008-2016TV Series executive producer - 159 episodes
Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks2014-2016TV Series executive producer - 24 episodes
Sympathy, Said the Shark2015executive producer
Paranormal Paparazzi2012TV Series executive producer
Paranormal Challenge2011TV Series documentary executive producer - 12 episodes
Ghost Adventures2004Documentary executive producer


The Demon House2015Documentary post-production
Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks2014TV Series
Ghost AdventuresTV Series co-creator - 50 episodes, 2008 - 2012 written by - 5 episodes, 2008 - 2010
Paranormal Challenge2011TV Series documentary creator - 12 episodes
Ghost Adventures2004Documentary


The Demon House2015Documentary post-production
Ghost AdventuresTV Series 4 episodes, 2010 - 2014 co-director - 25 episodes, 2008 - 2010
Paranormal Challenge2011TV Series documentary
Ghost Adventures2004Documentary


Paranormal Challenge2011TV Series documentary
Ghost AdventuresTV Series 7 episodes, 2008 - 2011 co-editor - 19 episodes, 2008 - 2010

Camera Department

Ghost Adventures2008-2009TV Series camera operator - 9 episodes


Ghosts That Hunt Back2011Video very special thanks
The World Within2010Documentary thanks


The Demon House2015Documentary post-productionHimself
Ghost Adventures2008-2017TV SeriesHimself
Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks2014-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Host
Deadly Possessions2016TV SeriesHimself
Today2015TV SeriesHimself
The Late Late Show with James Corden2015TV SeriesHimself
ABC News Nightline2012TV SeriesHimself
Paranormal Challenge2011TV Series documentaryHimself
Ghost Adventures2004DocumentaryHimself

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