Yasseen Mansour Net Worth

Yasseen Mansour Net Worth is
$1.39 Billion

Yasseen Mansour Biography

$2.9 Billion: Yasseen Mansour and his brothers Youssef and Mohammed (both billionaires) run Mansour Group, which owns Caterpillar dealerships in a number of African countries and the only real rights to General Motors dealerships in Egypt and Iraq, in addition to supermarkets, all of the McDonald’s in Egypt, and distribution of L’Oreal cosmetics in Egypt. Yasseen, who became embroiled in corruption fees following fall of previous Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, has settled his legalities. He’s a founder of publicly-traded Palm Hills Advancements, among Egypt’s biggest property developers. IN-MAY 2014, U.S. personal equity strong Ripplewood bought a 2.3% stake in Palm Hills for an undisclosed amount, and its own CEO was appointed vice chairman. Yasseen Mansour net worthy of: Yasseen Mansour can be an Egyptian businessman who includes a net worthy of of $2.3 billion. The youngest of Egypt’s three Mansour brothers, Yasseen Mansour provides made a dynamic contribution to the rise of the family members business, the Mansour Group. He began his profession at Mansour Automotive Firm in 1986, effectively managing several businesses in various sectors. After that he founded Manfoods, which may be the owner and operator of the McDonald’s franchise in Egypt. However, the majority of Yasseen’s fortune originates from the Mansour Group, which owns General Motors and Caterpillar dealerships. Aside from being a effective businessman, Yasseen is normally a devoted philanthropist and therefore he’s a co-founder and energetic person in the Lead Foundation, in addition to an active board person in the National Cancers Institute, and Secretary General into the future Foundation. Regarding his brothers, he debuted on the Forbes African Billionaires List in November 2012, with Yasseen being shown as #13. A global known Palm Hills Developments, PROPERTY personality Yasseen Mansour born in 1st january in great city of Egypt. Yasseen Mansour net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is normally $2,900,000,000. Egyptian businessman Yasseen Mansour comes with an estimated net worthy of of $2.3 billion by 2015, regarding to Forbes. He’s a component owner of Mansour Group. Yasseen was created in the entire year 1961. He graduated from George Washington University. Yasseen Mansour operates the Mansour Group together with his billionaire brothers Mohamed Mansour and Youssef Mansour. The group owns Caterpillar dealerships in lots of African nations, sole privileges to General Motors dealerships in Egypt and Iraq, all of the McDonald’s in Egypt, distribution of L’Oreal cosmetics in Egypt, and supermarkets. Mansour Group provides passions in banking & property, automotive, consumer items, education, machinery & apparatus, IT & telecommunications, essential oil & gas, mass media & advertising, and transportation & logistics. Mansour may be the founder of Palm Hill Advancements, a publicly-traded property programmer in Egypt. It really is one of the primary property developers in the united states. In the entire year 2014, private collateral company Ripplewood bought a 2.3 percent stake in Palm Hills for an undisclosed amount. Its CEO was appointed vice chairman. Mansour was embroiled in corruption costs following the previous Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Later on he settled all his legalities. Mansour is wedded and has four kids. Presently he lives in Cairo. His two brothers, Youssef and Mohamed Mansour , are also billionaires. Egyptian businessman Yasseen Mansour comes with an estimated net well worth of $1.39 billion by April 2016

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