Xiaofeng Peng Net Worth

Xiaofeng Peng Net Worth is
$2.5 Billion

Xiaofeng Peng Biography

$2.5 Billion: Mr. Xiaofeng Peng provides been Chairman Emeritus and Senior Consultant of LDK Solar Co., Ltd. since August 29, 2014. Mr. Peng founded LDK Solar Co., Ltd. in July, 2005 and offered as its CEO until November 2012. Mr. Peng founded Suzhou Liouxin in March 1997 and served as its ceo until February 2006. He provides been the Chairman of SOLAR POWERED ENERGY, Inc. since January 10, 2011. Mr. Peng provides been Chairman of Supervisory Plank at Sunways Aktiengesellschaft since February 2013. He offered as the Chairman of the Plank and Director of LDK Solar Co., Ltd. until August 29, 2014. He acts as a Director of LDK New Energy Keeping Limited. Mr. Peng is normally a Graduate from Jiangxi Foreign Trade College in 1993 with a diploma in worldwide business and from Beijing University Guanghua College of Administration with an executive MBA level in 2002. He includes a Ph.D. level in mechanical engineering from Aachen University of Technology, Germany. Xiaofeng Peng net value: Xiaofeng Peng is a Chinese businessman and entrepreneur who includes a net value of $2.5 billion dollars. A businessman, Xiaofeng Peng initial founded Suzhou Liouxin in 1997, and manufactured commercial safety clothing and apparatus. This year 2010, after finding that no enterprise in China produced solar cell wafers, he founded LDK Solar, Inc. The business did moderately well, though its share has fluctuated a good deal. Peng may be the founder of LDK Solar Co., Ltd. He gained an international business level from Jiangxi International Trade School in 1993 and gained his MBA from Beijing University Guanghua College of Management in 2002. Peng may be the ceo and chairman of the plank for his firm LDK Solar. He produced LDK after recognizing that there have been no Chinese businesses who produced solar power wafers. Peng invested $30 million of his very own money into the firm. He had taken LDK Solar onto Nasdaq in 2007. He also founded the business Suzhou Liouxin which manufactures personal defensive equipment. A global known Energy personality Xiaofeng Peng born in 1st january in great city of China. Xiaofeng Peng net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is normally $2,500,000,000. Chinese businessman

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