Vivian Que Azcona Net Worth

Vivian Que Azcona Net Worth is
$690 Million

Vivian Que Azcona Biography

$690 Million: Vivian Que Azcona may be the president of Mercury Medication Corporation, the nation’s biggest drugstore chain and operates a lot more than 500 outlets. Forbes outlined Azcona as the 15th richest Filipino with a networth of USD445 million. She actually is the next richest Filipina after Beatrice Campos (8th). She actually is also the NCR director of the Philippine Merchants Association (PRA) Prior to the World Battle Two started, Vivian’s dad, Mariano Que began his career employed in a Manila drugstore. Following the war, when the united states was scarce in medicines because the majority of the drug shops were destroyed, sulfa medicines, including sulfathiazole, regarded as the cure-all medication, was in-demand. Que acknowledged the chance and started offering medical vials and capsules in marketplaces. When Que experienced enough cash, he bought a bottle of sulfathiazole tablets and offered them in solitary dosages. This technique of offering, known in Filipino tradition as “tingi”, became extremely popular for the indegent. When his business prospered, Que bought a pushcart and offered a variety of medicines. While additional retailers abused the unregulated marketplace by selling false and expired medicines, and occasionally at exorbitant prices; Que created a trustworthiness of selling new and quality medications, and reasonable prices. In 1945, Que already had regular customers and made a decision to open a shop in Bambang. He called it, Mercury Drug following the Roman god and bearer of the caduceus, the symbol of the medical occupation. From then before early 60s, Que innovated on the drugstore’s operations such as for example introducing drug delivery support and 17-hour business operations. Vivian Que AzconaNet Well worth: Vivian Que Azcona is usually a Filipino businesswoman who includes a net well worth of $840 million. Vivian Que Azcona acts as the President of the Mercury Band of Businesses, Inc. (“MGCI”) and President and General Supervisor of Mercury Medication Corp. (“MDC”), a subsidiary of MGCI. Her privately kept pharma retailer, Mercury Medication, was founded by dad, Mariano Que, who started his business selling medications on a pushcart. He opened up his 1st bricks and mortar drugstore in 1945. Today, it’s a 700-shop chain. Vivian Que Azcona became a member of MDC in 1977, beginning in entry-level shop operations and finally progressing into key features such as for example merchandising, distribution, administration and financing. Azcona was appointed Vice President and General Supervisor of MDC in 1983 and assumed her current placement in 1998. Ms. Azcona is usually a Vice President of the Philippine Merchants Association (PRA). She actually is an associate of the Philippine Pharmacists Association that she has also offered as an officer and director. Azcona can be President of Mercury Medication Basis, Inc., a non-stock, nonprofit organization mixed up in advertising and building of a wholesome, educated and productive country. Azcona is a Director of Lender of the Philippine Islands since April 10, 2014. Vivian Que Azcona is usually a authorized pharmacist; she received her B.S. Pharmacy level, cum laude, from the University of Santo Tomas, in 1977. Vivian Que Azcona includes a net worth of $555 million.Her privately held pharma merchant, Mercury Medication, was founded by dad, Mariano Que, who started offering medicines on a pushcart, opening 1st drugstore in 1945. Today it’s a 700-shop chain.

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