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14 Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is Russian comedian and professional who were given birth to in March 8, 1992. Presently, this popular superstar can be busy in dealing with his YouTube improvement along with his username as Vitalyzd Television who was blessed in Murmansk, Murmansk Oblast of Russia and owed from Russian in his nationality. His route within YouTube provides many fans all over the world and around 8.8 million subscribers are watching his video. Mainly he is well-known along with his prank video that are created and highlighted in the general public place. Those public movies published in his YouTube route gains the interest of maximum amount of people world-wide. Vitaly transferred to Odessa, Ukraine in his early age group of your time and afterwards because of his family members purpose they afterwards transferred towards Florida and he spent his early period over there. His dad was working his personal business through the extremely early stage of his period. Vitaly and his early preparing were to become professional skateboarder through the extremely early stage. He also became a member of for his schooling to Recreation area Vista Community SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and there he researched for around 24 months of his period. He was also qualified by his close friends in the skateboarding techniques and he was sufficient to capture those techniques. He was concentrated into it even more for his professional advancement. But later on when he was 18, after getting involved in adult film picture along starring with Gemstone Kitty who’s a pornographic celebrity he relocated his focus towards entertainment market and through the extremely period he was dealing with Music group Bros in the first year 2011 that was a grown-up entertainment organization. Vitaly happens to be coping with his mom and they possess owned their residence in LA, California. He’s extremely good and good friend of Roman Atwood and they’re dealing with the cooperation to one another like a YouTube pranksters. He’s additionally dictated by his nickname as VitalyazTv which is usually his recognized name in YouTube. There is absolutely no any tale about his personal lifestyle affair, wedded and neither his partner. There’s no any talking about in the social media sites about his kids in his bio and far of his private information are lacking in the favorite social web pages like Wikipedia and IMDb. He hasn’t experienced any rumor or controversy in his existence neither he continues to be any a part of divorce problems. His a lot of the info are about his profession pointed out in the interpersonal sites. Vitaly elevation can be 5 foot 10 in . in high and he’s even more focused towards his elevation and controlling his weight more recently. Additionally, Vitaly along with his millions of clients produced him to generate adequate quantity of salary. Aswell as it is usually approximated that he in addition has a successful quantity of net well worth that is determined to become around 2 million American dollars. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Net Well worth: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian American comedian who includes a net well worth of $2 million. Better known by his YouTube username, VitalyzdTV, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was created on March 8, 1992 in the Russian town of Murmansk. Zdorovetskiy offers obtained notoriety for his general public prank videos, that are published to his YouTube accounts. The latest figures from November 1, 2013 indicate that his movies have liked over 344 million exclusive sights while his personal route includes a cumulative account greater than 4 million clients. Zdorovetskiy’s first work arrived after he’d simply switched 18 when he participated inside a porn aim for Bang Bros, the adult entertainment organization in 2011. He also experienced a cameo produced a cameo appearance in the Drake music video shot for the track HYFR, and a small starring function in the film Discomfort and Gain, that presented Mark Wahlberg and several other famous superstars. A few of his pranks consist of stunts like troubling the peacefulness, playing a Russian strike man, issuing false DUI tickets, false gay fights, fake zombie episodes, poop pranks, sexy gal pranks, conversing in Russian with strangers, adult baby pranks and many more. His numerous open public stunts have observed him announced a menace and receive regular arrests from some specialists. For instance, Vitaly and his cameraman Jonathan Vanegas had been imprisoned on July 16, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida because they filmed their most recent Russian hit guy prank. Zdorovetskiy was evidently attacked by somebody he previously pranked in regards to a close by briefcase being incredibly dangerous. The person became incensed after he was up to date about the whole lot getting staged and started raining blows on Vitaly and his colleague before law enforcement intervened. Russian comedian and actor, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, famous for posting a video of his “Miami Zombie Attack Prank,” an experiment devised in response to a 2012 cannibalistic strike on the Miami, Florida homeless man. He’s currently focusing on his YouTube route Vitalyzd TV, which includes around 8.8 million subscribers worldwide. Early Existence & Education: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was created on March 8, 1992, in Murmansk, Russia. He relocated to Odessa, Ukraine quickly after, and grew up here. Later on, his family members migrated to Florida. Zdorovetskiy enrolled Recreation area Vista Community SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL for just two years. Young, Zdorovetskiy tried to become professional skateboarder but quit due to accidental injuries. Just soon after turning 18, Zdorovetskiy got a component within an adult film picture using a pornographic celebrity, Gemstone Kitty for the adult entertainment firm “Bang Bros” in 2011. Teen Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and his mom, Zdlena Supply: Instagram/Zdlena Profession: In 2012, Zdorovetskiy gained his 1st notable success, using the video “Miami Zombie Assault Prank!” incited from the cannibal assault of the homeless guy in Miami in-may 2012. Zdorovetskiy costumed up as a zombie and shifted to some from the poorest neighborhoods in Miami to scare unintentional bystanders. By January 2015 the “Miami Zombie Assault Prank!” inspected a lot more than 30 million instances. A sequel video prank was shown in Columbus, Ohio. The video got five million sights within weekly on YouTube. On July 16, 2012, Zdorovetskiy plus a cameraman, Jonathan Vanegas filmed the “Russian Hitman Prank”. Within the prank, Zdorovetskiy provided a Boca Raton guy and notified him that they had 60 mere seconds to move away from a briefcase he placed on the bottom. After Zdorovetskiy exposed the whole lot to be always a prank which there was a concealed camera nearby, the person started attacking him and his partner and known as the authorities. Zdorovetskiy was imprisoned by Boca Raton law enforcement department on fees of endangering to detonate a bomb. During the prank Zdorovetskiy’s YouTube route had no more than 100,000 clients, but following the event, his route risen to over four million clients within just more than a season. On July 20, 2013, Zdorovetskiy released the video “Intensive Homeless Guy Makeover”, where he befriends a homeless guy named Martin and him with brand-new clothing and a accommodation. The video publishing ended in employment give that Martin recognized. He also rejoined along with his wife. The task also included an attempt to raise cash to possess Martin’s teeth set, that Zdorovetskiy could boost about $10,000 on-line. The fundraising marketing campaign canceled before it had been finished, due to Zdorovetskiy’s criminal background. However, Zdorovetskiy gained several gives from surgeons to accomplish the dental function free of charge. The surgery as well as the video tale was starred on tv newscasts like the Great Day time LA Fox morning hours display. His “Platinum Digger Prank”, starring a female who refuses his improvements until she feels he drives a Lamborghini Gallardo sports vehicle, generated a lot more than 18 million viewpoints in its initial week of publishing, making VitalyzdTV the 3rd most-watched YouTube route in the globe throughout that week with over 45 million sights. On Oct 15, 2014, Zdorovetskiy selected a prank including himself dressing as Leatherface in the Texas Chain Noticed Massacre, imagining to noticed off the hip and legs of Hanhart symptoms individual Nick Santonastasso having a chainsaw before inexperienced witnesses. The prank proceeded to go viral, getting over 30 million sights in 3 weeks. Caught for Trespassing: ON, MAY 25, 2016, Zdorovetskiy jailed for trespassing after climbing the Hollywood Indication, within a video stunt. Zdorovetskiy once again imprisoned for streaking through the NBA Finals video game 4 between your Cleveland Cavaliers as well as the Golden Condition Warriors with specialists quickly seizing and arresting the YouTuber on June 10, 2016. On Oct 4, 2016, Vitaly strike the stage from the 6th Annual Streamy Honours and announced “no one expected to observe me right here, but how about my smooth dick?” and continuing to lessen his trousers, a mention of a pornographic film he connected in. He stepped off to silence and disseminated boos and hisses. Personal Existence &Net Well worth: Vitaly happens to be coping with his mom in their very own house in LA, California. He’s very great and good friend of Roman Atwood and they’re dealing with the cooperation to one another being a YouTube pranksters. He’s additionally ordained by his nickname as VitalyazTv which is certainly his established name on YouTube. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s Jaguar F-Type V8 S Car Resource: Twitter Vitaly is definitely earning an enormous sum of money which has boosted his online well worth $2 million. He is the owner of a Jaguar F-Type V8 S sports vehicle. Due to his funny and hilarious performances, he continues to be highly respected by people and officially obtained worldwide distribution privileges for Natural Blessed Pranksters by Lionsgate iIn November 2015. Besides his youtube route, he’s also energetic on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Conserve Save Save Conserve Save Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is Russian comedian and actor currently focusing on his YouTube route Vitalyzd TV which includes about 8.8 million subscribers worldwide. Mainly, he is well-known for his prank video clips. when he was 18, After getting involved in a grown-up film picture starring with Gemstone Kitty, a pornographic celebrity, at age 18, he shifted his focus for the entertainment market and began dealing with Music group Bros. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy can be working in cooperation with Roman Atwood as YouTube pranksters. He’s additionally known by his nickname as VitalyazTv and offers gained over one billion sights on YouTube. He presently lives in LA, California. The precious metal digger prank of his route became most well-known producing the video the 3rd most viewed video that week. Vitaly hasn’t disclosed any info concerning his personal existence and relationships. Popular on-line personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is well known mostly because of his YouTube channel VitalyzdTv. He offers over 4 million clients and the quantity keeps growing. By 2015, Zdorovetskiy’s net well worth is approximately $2 mil. He is one of the most famous on-line pranksters and occasionally collaborates with others. Have a look at also net worthy of of RomanAtwood, Jenna Marbles, and Yousef Erakat. Vitaly was created in Murmansk, Russia but afterwards shifted to Odessa, Ukraine along with his family members and eventually resolved down in South California. He still retains Russian citizenship and provides permanent visa position in US. Zdorovetskiy didn’t often aim for learning to be a prankster. He originally worked well really hard to become professional skateboarder. But he didn’t flourish in his efforts to get some main sponsors. A few of his mos popular on-line jokes are Miami Zombie Assault Prank, Russian Hitman Prank, and Platinum Digger Prank. Along with his Russian Hitman Prank, Vitaly crossed the collection and finished up caught for intimidating to detonate a bomb. He fundamentally approached some arbitrary man, while putting on a hidden camcorder, and informed him they possess only 60 secs to move away from a briefcase he simply put on the bottom near them. A few of his movies have charitable character like his “Intensive Homeless Guy Makeover”. Vitaly helped a totally strange homeless guy to obtain a work, reunited him along with his wife and because of YouTube media interest, several dental cosmetic surgeons offered to repair guy’s tooth for free. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy aka VitalyzdTv is Russian YouTube Character, with around net well worth of more than $2.3 million US dollars. He’s popular to make humor sketches and pranking video clips on YouTube. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy provides a lot more than 9.2 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views on his YouTube route. He also offers a Vlog route, ‘VitalyzdTvSecond’ which includes over 250 sights and 1.2 million subscribers. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Biography: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was created on 8th March in 1992 to Elena Vitaly. He was created in Russia and grew up in Odessa Ukraine. Nevertheless, when he was an adolescent his family relocated to Florida, where went to Recreation area Vista Community SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy wished to turn into a professional skateboarder when he was a youngster. He in addition has worked well in the adult market for a short period, with Gemstone Kitty under Bang Bros in 2011, when he was just 18 years of age. He is a detailed of fellow YouTuber Roman Atwood. Collectively the duo offers made multiple video clips for both of their stations. Vitaly presently lives along with his mom in LA California. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy inserted the entertainment business at an early on of 18, with an unconventional profession in pornography adult movies in 2011. He did a few movies for Bang Bros, who’s a grown-up entertainment producer. Afterwards that calendar year Vitaly, became a member of YouTube and began a new stage of his lifestyle. Nevertheless, he didn’t receive very much achievement till 2012. His ‘Miami Zombie Assault Prank’ proved to the overall game changer in his profession, which got 5 million sights in just 1 week. A few of his additional videos consist of ‘Don’t Look within my Girlfriends Ass’, ‘Streaking During NBA Finals’, ‘Insane Car Turn Prank’, ‘Law enforcement Arrest Prank on Mother’, ‘Chainsaw Massacre Prank’, and ‘DEA Medication Bust Prank’ etc. His route VitalyzdTv offers over 1.3 Billion sights and over 9.2 million subscribers. He also offers a Vlog route, known as ‘VitalyzdTvSecond’ with over 250 sights and 1.2 million subscribers. In 2015, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy officially obtained Natural Created Pranksters, which includes now turn into a great investment task for him. Being truly a prankster, he includes a extremely questionable profession and it is frequently been criticized for staging his pranks or to make jokes and pranks about delicate problems in the culture. He is frequently criticized for materializing females and producing sexist pranks associated with their bodies, to be able to obtain sights. The prankster hasn’t received any honours in his profession however, but he sure likes a fan pursuing of over 9 million folks who are enthusiastic about his content material. He hasn’t received any honors due to his genre of video clips that he uploads which can be frequently appeared down upon, as some individuals discover these pranks insensitive and absurd. Just how much is normally Vitaly Zdorovetskiy World wide web Worthy of in 2017: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy comes with an approximated net worthy of of over $2.3 million US dollars by 2017. Mixed Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s both stations have got over 10 million clients, whose sights help him producing large numbers off YouTube. He also offers his own products and additional items which also help him to make cash. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is among the biggest YouTube pranksters in the globe. He did a few of the most scandalous and questionable pranks on the web. He isn’t scared to take chances and has continuing to stay solid along with his genre, despite getting criticized and mocked from the other people on the market. He is one particular YouTubers who doesn’t brain laughing at himself. The majority of his pranks are initial, which often stirs in the pattern on YouTube. Regardless of just how much people criticize or hate him, they can’t help but view him, as the YouTuber’s viral video clips will probably show up inside your YouTube feed. YouTube prankster, VitalyzdTv, comes with an expected total resources of $1.7 million. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (real name) have been lately deposed by technique route, PrankvsPrank, as the very best trick route on YouTube. Regardless, Vitaly kept that spot for a long period and increased to ubiquity for his Russian Hitman Pranks. Conceived in Russia, Vitaly shifted to LA to get after an performing vocation yet finished up growing to be therefore effective on YouTube that there is no compelling cause to look somewhere else. His theory channel, VitalyzdTv, offers a lot more than 1 billion perspectives and a lot more than 8.5 million endorsers. He additionally operates a vlog route called, VitalyzdTvSecond, which includes a lot more than 120 million perspectives and a lot more than 1.4 million subs. Using a noteworthy after such as this you can understand how find can demand top-dollar for campaigns and prepared to make a huge number. For younger eras that shun Television and rather pig from YouTube clasps, Zdorovetskiy’s profoundly shareable make of physical parody is exactly what may as well be named an online break. It’s a method that joins adolescent jokes (believe Jackass) with Borat-level sass and a considerable dose of fraternity sibling agreeability. Remember many pop YouTube feelings writers after one strike, Zdorovetskiy offers overseen manageability. His recordings, which pack one person joke and last around 3 minutes, aren’t flukes. They’re made to circulate about the web, as well as the formula works inevitably. However, that is almost the crucial thing including Zdorovetskiy that requires after a good example. Conceived in Murmansk, a town of 300,000 in northwestern Russia, Zdorovetskiy was raised illegitimate inside a one-room condominium with his mother. In the entire year 2004, when he and his mom found its way to Delray Beach looking for better lives, the move from North Russia to South Florida was crippling. At Carver Middle College, he could scarcely shoehorn a solitary British word and got himself by itself in ESL classes abounding with Haitians and Latin Us citizens — however no Russians. Notwithstanding the distinct environment, that same underhandedness that produced him a “street child” in Russia shortly rose in the us, starting many issues with power. He got to skateboarding, and this year 2010, he and two pals had been grabbed by Boca Raton law enforcement for going swimming in the Intracoastal Waterway, that was obstructed with vessel motion, according to a police survey. That same calendar year, he additionally highlighted within a BangBus porno where he tensely attempted and fizzled to obtain an erection, bearing each man’s darkest doubts while on surveillance camera. His executing was grungy, comprising of the couple buddies documenting Zdorovetskiy with handheld cams as he tricked arbitrary walkers. On August 10, 2011, Zdorovetskiy discharged his first video. Nevertheless, Zdorovetskiy had discovered that offending open up conventionality can work supernatural occurrences on the net. Greater than a while, he dispatched many recordings, naming a lot of them “annoying the peace.” And, steadily, there increased a overtaking the united states over the institution grounds and supplementary college cafeterias. His amazing climb attracts on topics of sex, reprobate cleverness, and obscenity that characterize this brand-new amount of VIP.

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Full NameVitaly Zdorovetskiy
Date Of BirthMarch 8, 1992
ProfessionComedian, Actor
EducationPark Vista Community High School
ParentsElena Vulitsky
MoviesNatural Born Pranksters, Hard Right



Hard Right2014Short completedViktor
Natural Born Pranksters2016
Bad Weather Films2014TV Series short
Pain & Gain2013Extra (uncredited)


Hobro Vlogs2015TV SeriesHimself
YouTubers React2014TV SeriesHimself
GGN: Snoop Dogg's Double G News Network2013TV SeriesHimself

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The Drunken Peasants2015TV SeriesHimself

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