Tsai Wan Tsai Net Worth

Tsai Wan Tsai Net Worth is
$7.9 Billion

Tsai Wan Tsai Biography

$7.9 Billion: Tsai Wan-tsai (Chinese: 蔡萬才; August 5, 1929 – October 5, 2014) was a Taiwanese banker. He’s among the brothers of Tsai Wan-lin, and an uncle of Tsai Hong-tu. Tsai Wan-tsai was the previous legislator of Legislative Yuan, the nationwide parliament of Taiwan. He was also the founder of Fubon Group. In June 2008, Forbes rated him as the 4th richest of Taiwan, with a net worthy of of US$5.1 billion.He died at age 85 in 2014. After his loss of life, Fubon set up the Tsai Wan-tsai Taiwan Contribution Award in his honor A global known Finance personality Tsai Wan-tsai born on 1st january in great city of Miaoli County, Taiwan. Tsai Wan Tsai net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is certainly $7,900,000,000. Taiwanese banker and businessman Tsai Wan-Tsai comes with an estimated net worthy of of $7.9 billion by February 2015 regarding to Forbes. A previous legislator, Tsai Wan Tsai is certainly a graduate of National Taiwan University. He’s presently married with four kids. In 2013, his brothers, along with his cousin T.Y. Tsai could actually make it to the year’s list of globe billionaires. Tsai Wan Tsai is most beneficial named the founder of

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