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Ruriko Asaoka (origins ?? ???), her actual name is usually Nobuko Asai, she was created on July 2, 1940 in Changchun, Jilin, China. Her parents are indigenous of Tokyo. She analyzed in the Chiyoda Ward Imagawa Junior SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. In the 1954, while she went to college, she participated for the part in the film “Green a long way away”, which is mainly referred to as “Midori haruka ni”. The film premiered in the 1955 and she reached the large level of popularity. In the 1956 she performed in the film “Devotion”, where she experienced the kissing picture. She was some sort of upset as a result of this component, but her dad influenced her by stating “EASILY don’t do worthwhile job well, you’ll be a single film celebrity!”. In the 1958 she performed in the film “Zessho”. In August 1961 she parted from Kobayashi Asahi, and even though live a existence harder out of this period,later on she was motivated by Ishihara Yujiro. In 1964 she’s produced a debut at "Sunset Hill" film. She made an appearance in the three main action group of "migratory parrots", "blossom" and "Ginza hornie" that was aimed by Yoshihiro Kobayashi and Yujiro Ishihara. She performed the main part in numerous functions such as for example "Crimson handkerchief" (1964) aswell as with "Night time fog, thank you" (1967). In 1966 she received his unique agreement with Nikkatsu and became a member of Ishihara Pro. Furthermore to her briliant profession, she released many tunes as a vocalist, especially around the theme track of the film, and the one "Like Fossil", that was released in 1969 and became popular. After that she has made an appearance in numerous movies being a Nikkatsu signboard celebrity and gained large popularity. To time, the amount of her film appearances has ended 150. She actually is mainly known for such functions like “By itself Over the Pacific”, “To Like Once again”, “Thirst for Like”, “Machibuse” and “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”. In the 2011 she was honored with Purchase of the Increasing Sun, 4th Course, Silver Rays with Rosette. Previously, in the 2002 she was honored using the Medal with Crimson Ribbon. During her lengthy and successful profession, she received many awards, like the 6th Golden Arrow Prize Grand Award, the 7th Graph Prize which she got in the long run of 60s. She also was honored by Actress Prize from the 21st Kinema Shimbun in the 1975 and received Tokyo Metropolitan Honorary Award in the 1989. In the 1999 she was honored using the 24th Kazuo Kikuta Movie theater Prize. She is wedded to Koji Ishizaka. Her hubby is an professional too. The few exchanged their vows in the 1971. In the 2000 they made a decision to divorce. Previously, in the 1960 she was dated with Kobayashi Asahi. The reason why they went their separate methods is unidentified in the mass media. She is very little popular in social media sites because of her low profile. But she could be adopted in Instagram. Her total online worth is unfamiliar till date.

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