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Robert Croak Net Worth is
$15 Million

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$15 Million: Should you have kids, or even should you have close friends with children, you then probably have heard about Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz are essentially silicone elastic bands that are created into different forms. The creator of these bands is business owner and high-stakes amateur poker participant Robert Croak. Croak is certainly a 47 year-previous businessman from Toledo, Ohio and he’s involved in several businesses. He runs a firm called BCP Imports which makes Silly Bandz. In another venture he also acts as a concert promoter conducting business as Verso Group Enterprises. He is portion of the group that operates Marco’s Pizza in Denver, Colorado. Croak provides been an amateur poker participant for over a decade and is a normal at the Aria, the Bellagio, and the Wynn. He doesn’t have much in the form of a tournament background, but he do make his initial WSOP cash recently in a $1,000 No Limit TEXAS HOLD’EM Event. Within an interview given to Great Stakes Poker, he equates playing poker to the game of golf. He says that you ought to be learning each day and poker is approximately learning, whatever the stakes that you play. While he’s a normal high stakes poker participant, his interest still lies along with his businesses. He hopes that 1 day his Silly Bandz can be an empire in the kids’s toy world. Nevertheless, if that will not happen, he’ll be happy to view it become a fad like Beanie Infants. While they aren’t as popular because they used to end up being, they still sell perfectly. Croak will place his high stakes poker abilities to the check when he shows up in the initial three episodes of Period 7 of Great Stakes Poker on GSN. Robert Croak net worthy of: Robert Croak can be an American businessman who includes a net worthy of of $15 million dollars. Robert Croak is most beneficial known for creating Silly Bandz. Croak may be the mind of BCP Imports which provides the Silly Bandz brand. Silly Bandz are elastic bands crafted from silicone rubber that are produced into shapes. They are usually put on as bracelets. Croak uncovered the bands on a business trip in Japan and he wished to re-brand them right into a gadget and kids style accessory. These were first sold on the web in 2008 and were marketed in a shop in ’09 2009. Silly Bandz gained the very best Design award in japan National Competition in 2003. Croak spent amount of time in the motor vehicle business as a salesman and became a financing manager. He bought his grandfather’s bar and opened up other pubs and restaurants. He also ran a concert advertising company. While owning a race he was presented with a Livestrong bracelet which got him considering and eventually resulted in Silly Bandz. Robert admits that the Silly Bandz craze provides slowed up and he proceeds to focus on new items and businesses. He provides since gotten into property, technology, and fast informal pizza enterprises. A global known Silly Bandz personality Robert J. Croak born on 1st january in great town of USA. Robert Croak net value regarding to 2015 stats is certainly $15,000,000. Ohio-structured businessman Robert Croak comes with an estimated net worthy of of $15 million. He’s the top of BCP Imports which distributes Silly Bandz, the elastic bands manufactured from silicone rubber which are produced into forms of animals, objects, quantities, and letters. Mr. Croak was going to Japan when he noticed a Japanese product which really is a more green version of the elastic band. Its original forms were created in 2002 by japan design team Passkey Style, Yumiko Ohashi and Masonar Haneda. He brought the merchandise to US that was repackaged as playthings. This provided birth to the Silly Bandz craze. The silicone elastic bands are sold beneath the brand name Pet ELASTIC BANDS. The first pieces were sold on the web in November 2008. The first shop to share Silly Bandz was Learning Express in Birmingham, Alabama in ’09 2009. It has gained the very best Design award through the Japanese National Competition in 2003.

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