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Rika Adachi (source ?? ??) was created on Oct 16, 1992 in Nagasaki Prefecture. She’s harvested in Mie Prefecture. She’s youthful siblings. She examined on the Konno Tachino Junior SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Being a teen with the suggestion of her parents, she requested the 32nd "Holi Protalent Scout Caravan". In the 2008 she continuing her education on the Hide SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (Meguro-ku) in Tokyo. Another year, being truly a high school pupil, she had taken the function of the astronaut in the "Japan Space Guys’ Advert Captain" industrial. In the 2010 she became the Group Mission Expert Women’s Supervisor. During 2011 – 2012 she also offered as a particular ladies supervisor. She acquired a dream to become fashion model as well as the most wished to show up on the web pages of the favorite magazine such as for example "CanCam". During 2008 – 2010 she’s made her performances in such films like “Ongakubito”, “Like Middle” by playing Rika and “An Encyclopedia of Unconventional Ladies” using the part of Tamae. In the 2011 she performed the part of Tamaki in the film “Proceed! Boys’ School Theatre Golf club”. In the 2013 she required a component in the task “Gemstone”, where she portrayed Nao personality. She also offers made numerous looks in the films like “Tokyo Legends I: Horror Of Human being Hell”, “Goose Bumps The Film 2”, “Kizudarake no Akuma” and “Fantastic Ladies”. In the 2014 she got the best roles in the tv screen theatre “Kinkyori Renai: Time of year Zero”. Another year she made an appearance in the brand new project, that was entitled “Y?koso, Wagaya e”. She constructed an amazing profession being a youthful actress as well as received The 32nd Horipro Talent Scout Caravan award. She also attempted herself like a tone of voice celebrity and was associated with such anime tasks like “Pokemon XY: Hakai no Mayu to Diancie”, “Pokemon the Film: Diancie as well as the Cocoon of Damage” aswell such as “Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker, where she voiced Rika Adachi . She also made an appearance in such tv series like “Scrap Instructor “, “Gegege no Ny?bo” and “Yamada-kun as well as the Seven Witches”. The final one taken to Rike the large level of popularity. She also had taken some parts in Television series like “Hammer Program! ” and “Aibo”. She actually is a good looking dude as well as participated in the 2012 Tokyo Marathon at the program of "Hilnande!", she retired because of the time period limit. She offered being a model for such periodicals like “Duet, Shueisha and Myojo, Shueisha in the 2008. She also released many photobooks, that was entitled “Rika1”, “Tokidoki Dokidoki” and “Adajiring”. She got her discovery period when she made an appearance in the 2015 film “Ghost Movie theater”. She’s managed to conceal the details of experiencing a sweetheart from her supporters. There are plenty of images of her obtainable through a number of the well-known internet sites including some public sites such as for example Instagram, Twitter and several other superstar sites aswell. Presently, she resides in Tokyo. Her total world wide web worth isn’t disclosed by any supply.

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