Richard and Brenda Smith Net Worth

Richard and Brenda Smith Net Worth is
$133.5 Million

Richard and Brenda Smith Biography

$133.5 Million: A global known Computers personality Richard and Brenda Smith born about 1st January in great city of England. Richard and Brenda Smith net well worth relating to 2015 stats is usually $133,500,000. Among Britain’s leading independent suppliers of software program and IT solutions, PCMS was founded in 1982 by former pc programmer Richard Smith, 62. Along with his 64-year-aged wife, Brenda, he works and owns the Coventry-based business, whose customers generally function in the retail and meals service sectors and whose partners consist of Microsoft, Symantec and IBM. Its Cincinnati functions take into account 30% of turnover and there exists a software program distribution network covering European countries and the Pacific Rim. PCMS made an £8m profit on product sales of £40.2m sales this year 2010. With net resources of £32m, it really is worth £80m. Other resources add £9m to the Smiths’ wealth.

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