Qiaonv He Net Worth

Qiaonv He Net Worth is
$1.7 Billion

Qiaonv He Biography

$1.7 Billion: Qiao Guanhua was created in Yancheng in 1913; his father was an area land-owner, considered fairly illuminated. Since his childhood, Qiao Guanhua showed an excellent intelligence, especially remarkable memory space, therefore he repeatedly skipped college grades, and was admitted to the Tsinghua University at age 16. While he was learning philosophy there, he arrived in touch with Marxism and involved in several actions led by the Communist Party of China. Qiao Guanhua graduated in 1933 and visited Japan to keep his research at the Tokyo Imperial University. He joined japan Communist Party, resulting in his expulsion from the university. He was after that forced to go to Germany, where he acquired a PhD at the University of Tübingen in 1936, when he was 23 years aged. As he came back in China, Second Sino-Japanese Battle had damaged out. Qiao Guanhua involved primarily in journalism with the pen name of Qiaomu (

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