Philippe Foriel-Destezet Net Worth

Philippe Foriel-Destezet Net Worth is
$2.6 Billion

Philippe Foriel-Destezet Biography

$2.8 Billion: Mr. Philippe Foriel-Destezet offers been Honorary President of Adecco S.A. since May 23, 2006. Mr. Foriel-Destezet is definitely a Founder of Ecco S.A. in France in 1964. He acts as Chairman of Akila Financing S.A, Nescofin UK Ltd. He offered as Joint Chairman of the Table of Adecco S.A. from August 1996 to May 2006 and its own Chairman. He offered as Chairman of Carrefour S.A. He offered as Co-Chairman of Adecco S.A. from June 2004 to November 21, 2005. He offered as an unbiased Director of Carrefour SA since 1999. He offered as a Director of Securitas Abdominal since 1998. He offered as Person in the Table of Directors of Adecco S.A. from August 1996 to May 2006. He offered as a Director of Vivendi and Vivendi Common SA. He Graduated from HEC Paris; Honorary Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur. Philippe Foriel-Destezet Net Well worth: Philippe Foriel-Desrezet is a French business owner who includes a net well worth of $2.8 billion. Born in 1936, he produced his fortune as founder of Ecco, a jobs organization. Having a master’s amount of Business Administration from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, a prestigious College of Administration in Paris, Foriel-Desrezet founded his firm in 1964. Through the 80s, his firm became France’s leading provider of personnel. Afterwards, he merged Ecco with Adia Interim, Klaus Jacob’s Swiss employment company, with the purpose of fabricating Adecco in 1996. Foriel-Desrezet offered as Co-Chairman until 2005 when he stepped down, and another season, he was appointed an Honorary President. Presently, Adecco holds 5,500 branches with over 33,000 employees in a lot more than 60 countries. Moreover, Foriel-Desrezet may be the Chairman of Akila Financing, a Luxembourg-based holding firm, and Securitas. He was also awarded the French Legion of Honor as a indigenous of France. A global known Employment Agency personality Philippe Foriel-Destezet born in 1st january in great city of France. Philippe Foriel-Destezet net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is certainly $2,800,000,000. Philippe Foriel-Destezet is a French businessman who comes with an estimated net value of $2.6 billion by April 2016 regarding to Forbes. He provides earned his net worthy of through his staffing company, Ecco, which he founded in 1964. Through the 1980’s, the company became the biggest supplier of temporary employees in France. He afterwards merged with Klaus Jacob’s Swiss company Adia to be able to make Adeco in 1996. Along with his estimated net worthy of of $2.6 billion, Mr. Foriel-Destezet may be the twelfth richest person in France and is certainly rated 554th in the set of Globe Billionaires. He offered as the co-Chairman of Adecco until he stepped down in 2005. By 2006, he was produced an honorary president of the business. Currently, Adecco has a lot more than 5,500 and around 33,000 employees in over 60 countries. Philippe Foriel-Destezet today acts as the chairman of Akila Financing, a holding company located in Louxembourg and Securitas. A indigenous of France, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor. He’s a graduate of the prestigious Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) School of Administration in Paris. He today lives in London where taxes are lower.

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