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Nancy Wilson Net Worth

Nancy Wilson Net Worth is
$15 Million

Nancy Wilson Biography

It’s been stated that the entire sum of Nancy Wilson net worthy of gets to 15 million dollars, according to latest estimations. Nancy Wilson became well-known because of her effective involvement into music. Nancy Wilson can be a singer, song article writer and guitarist. Furthermore, she’s also expanded her profession into being truly a record producer. Hence, these all involvements possess added up a whole lot of revenues to the entire quantity of Nancy Wilson net worthy of. As a musician, she actually is mainly known from the rock-band called “Center” from Seattle and Vancouver. Nancy Wilson became a member of this band as well as her sister called Ann. Furthermore, she was in a close romantic relationship with Roger Fischer, who was simply the leading guitarist of the band, and she resided with him for quite a while, as well. Nancy Wilson was created in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California in 1954. Nancy Wilson was students at Pacific University in Oregon. Furthermore, she was also their studies at Cornish University of the Arts in Seattle. There, she was learning German literature, and arts. Nevertheless, she became well-known when she became a member of the band “Center”. Nancy Wilson offered as a respected singer in some music of the band, such as for example “These Dreams”, “There’s the Girl”, “Deal with Me Well”, “Stranded” and “Will You End up being There (Each morning)”. Not only is it a leading singer, she’s also made an appearance as a backing vocalist in various songs. Furthermore to serving as a singer in the band, Nancy Wilson also performed a guitar there. In 1999, nevertheless, she made a decision to start her profession as a solo singer, which includes also added up to the full total size of Nancy Wilson net worthy of. In that calendar year, she released her initial album known as “Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop”. Furthermore to her profession, Nancy Wilson’s personal life can be quite nicely known. In 1986 she got wedded to Cameron Crowe. He was functioning as a article writer for Rolling Rock and also proved helpful as a film director. However, the few divorced this year 2010. As well as him, Nancy Wilson is normally a mother or father of two males. Nancy Wilson also proved helpful a whole lot with her hubby in composing soundtracks for a few of his movies, such as “Nearly Famous”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Elizabethtown” and “Vanilla Sky”. Nancy Wilson herself in addition has appeared in a few films, such as for example “Fast Situations at Ridgemont Great” and “The Wild Lifestyle”. Thus, this involvement in addition has added up to the entire size of Nancy Wilson net worthy of. A lady with plenty of soul, hardly any peers in addition to a commanding set of achievements and accomplishments, Nancy Wilson is cited among the globe’s finest melody stylist. Approaching every genre with a completely different interpretation and experience, Nancy has documented tracks in a lot more than five different music types. 1950s feminine melody stylist and American feminine pop-soul songster of the 60s, Nancy provides released a lot more than fifty albums till time. Nancy started the trip of her lifestyle on 20th of February 1937 as the eldest of 6 kids. Her father, Olden Wilson proved helpful at iron foundry & mother, Lillian Ryan was a domestic employee. Native of Chillicothe, Ohio, USA, Nancy sang in choirs as a kid. by this 4, Nancy was apparent about her ambition to be singer. While at the West SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Columbus, Ohio, Nancy won a skill contest held by regional TV station called WTVN, which provided her opportunity to show up on a show known as ‘Skyline Melodies’ twice-a-week. Thinking about becoming a instructor, she attended the Central Condition College, nevertheless dropped the faculty to pursue her primary ambition. In 1995, she became person in a band known as Carolyn Golf club Big Band. Together with the band, she toured through the entire Midwest and Canada from 1956 to 1958. From her first relationship with drummer Kenny Dennis, she’s a son called Kenneth Dennis, Jr. the few divorced in 1970. On 22nd of Might 1973, she walked down the aisle with the Reverend Wiley Burton, a Presbyterian minister. The few gave birth with their first kid in 1975. The infant girl was called Samantha Burton. In 1976, they expanded their family members by adopting a kid called Sheryl Burton. She abstained from playing in a number of venues, like supper clubs, because of her relationship. During this time period, she completely centered on her marital lifestyle and raising kids. She lost her mom and dad in November 1998. In the entire year 2006, she was hospitalized with potassium insufficiency and anemia. After 2 yrs, in 2008, she experienced from lung problems and was hospitalized. That same calendar year, her partner, Burton demisted after experiencing cancer tumor. Nancy’s debut album “Like in Love” to enter the market in 1959. The next calendar year, she released her second album titled, “Something Great”. Before earning her first Grammy in 1964 for the album “How Happy I Am”, she dropped albums like “The Swingin’s Mutual!”, “Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley”, “Hello Young Fans”, “Broadway – My Method”, “Hollywood – My Method” and “Yesterday’s Love Music/Today’s Blue”. Her 1965’s live album “The Nancy Wilson Display!” included tracks, such as for example “Fireworks”, “Don’t Consider Your Like from Me”, “Don’t Chat Simply Sing”, “The Music WHICH MAKES Me Dance”, “I’m Realizing the Light” and “YOU COULD HAVE Him” amongst others. In the seventies, she released albums such as for example “Can’t Take My Eye Off You”, “NOW I AM a female”, “Double Play”, “For Once in my own Life”, “Who MAY I Turn To”, “To love”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Free Once again”, “I UNDERSTAND I REALLY LIKE Him”, “All in Like Is Fair”, “Come Reach This”, “This Mother’s Girl”, “I’ve Never Gone to Me”, “Music on My Mind”, “Nancy Normally” and “Life Like and Harmony”. She gained Grammy Award for Greatest Jazz Vocal Album on her behalf 2004’s album “R.S.V.P. (Rare Songs, Extremely Personal). In 2005, she dropped her album titled “Live from NEVADA” under Capitol. In 2006, she gained her third Grammy Award in the group of Greatest Jazz Vocal Album on her behalf album “Considered Blue”. The album spawned hits, such as for example “THAT IS All I Ask”, “End up being My Love”, “Going for a Possibility on Love” and “I’M GOING TO BE Seeing You”. Nancy provides appeared in several television shows. She acquired her own series known as “The Nancy Present” that was broadcasted on NBC. The series gained an Emmy Award aswell. She produced appearances as guest in several series, such as for example “I Spy”, “The F.B.We”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “Room 222”, and “Police Tale” to mention a few. By 2014, she provides a lot of money of twelve million dollars. To learn more, please go to wiki or flick through her official websites. NancyWilson is a favorite tv icon and a Canadian journalist whohas been serving the tv screen industry since long calendar year period. Shehas been an motivation and an idol to numerous who desire to becomesuccessful and independent mainly women. Her work displays her freethinking and optimism. Wilson is a waving flag of Canada sineshe is normally a globally renounced Television journalist who has generated herselfa specific niche market in the journalism and Television market. She actually is an outstandingscholar in addition to a famous Television journalist. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> Quick specifics Date of Birth 16-03-1954 Birth Place SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, United States Elevation 1.6 m Ex. Hubby Cameron Crowe Marital Position Married Hubby Geoff Bywater Divorced Time 2010 Marriage Date 2012 Kids Curtis Wilson Crowe, William James Crowe Job Musician, singer, songwriter, maker Birth Indication Acer Net Worth $15 million Ethnicity American Nationality American Alma Mater Pacific University T.V. Present(s) Fast Situations at Ridgemont Great, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Golf club Band Personal Lifestyle Nancy Wilson was created and raised in Ottawa in Canada. She do her graduationat the Queen’s University of Kingston in Ontario. Wilson is normally themost well-known person amidst the Canadians. She excelled in multipledomains such as for example an anchor, reporter, tv web host and she appearedin many amount of applications in CTV Information Channel too. Career A few of the applications with highest rankings that Nancy shows up areCJOH Information in Ottawa, the Global Information’s Parliamentary Bureau andCTV’s Canada AM. Nancy offered as a reporter and maker for theprogram Home on the Hill for 24 months time. The program pops-up atthe CJOH, Ottawa which show handles political and socialaffairs. Through the middle of 1970’s, Nancy got some wonderfulopportunities to interview some very nice personalities and several leadingpoliticians in Canada. Among the countless political leaders, Nancy provides interviewedFrancois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Mikhail Gorbachev and TedKennedy. From the entire year 1974, Nancy protected each significantfederal election positions and in addition she was playing a significantrole in the anchoring table at Quebec and Charlottetown Referendums.Aside from the political icons, Nancy in addition has interviewed many iconicstar pictures including Martin Sheen, Robin Williams , Sally Field,Daniel Day Lewis and Ricky Martin – the Latin superstar singer. Before teaming-up with CBC Newsworld, Nancy gave her activeparticipation at CBC information magazine known as The Journal. She examinedthe respective reason behind the Mohawk Warrior Culture and closelyexamined about the Canada’s HEALTHCARE Program. Besides this, Nancycaptured and brought-forth a lot of Canadian Tales such as for example MeechLake Constitutional debate, the egression of the Bloc Quebecois andas well the Quebec provincial election in the entire year 1989. During the yr 1991, Nancy offered her venturous debut access in theCBC News globe in anchoring the flagship display This Nation. Besidesthis, Nancy also made an appearance in lots of programs that air flow in the afternoonhours like the Newsworld Today in Toronto by the CBC Morning hours. Alsoshe offered as the co-anchor in Politics and obtained the solo hostingchance in this program THE AMOUNT OF MONEY Show – which occurs everyweek. THE AMOUNT OF MONEY Show deals with economic conceptions and personalmoney control as well. CSC’s executive bestowed his sincere because of the award-winningjournalist NancyWilson on her behalf great anchoring at the CBC Newsworld’s CBCMorning. Her tremendous existence at the Awards Gala was sensationaland she was honored on her behalf excellence too. Nancy many likelypreferred to remain at home when she’s a chance to avoid thecamera. She adores spending her time in the home and she relaxes alonewhenever feasible. Until now, Nancy provides been serving the televisionindustry within an excellent method and moreover she’s contributed herintelligence and understanding to the network stations too. Her design,attitude and exceptional demonstration skills has taken her name andfame. From Dance to Deadline: The 1970s Nancy became a “political junkie” when she took a Canadianpolitics program during her college student years at Queen’s. Besidesattending lectures by political scientist George Perlin, she hadtutorials with economist (and previous Queen’s principal) DavidSmith, LLD’94, and Tom Axworthy, MA’71, PhD’79. “I was bittenby the bug because of them,” she recalls. Nevertheless, after taking a noncredit program in dance in her finalyear at Queen’s, the Dunrobin, Ontario indigenous spent nine monthswith a semi-pro dance troupe in Vancouver. That was long plenty of forher to summarize a profession as a dancer is probably not a sensible choice afterall. “I didn’t possess an epiphany,” she clarifies. However she didbegin taking into consideration the likelihood of a media profession. Says Nancy,“I arrived round to thinking probably I will knock on the doorways oflocal newsrooms and have if there have been openings for enthusiasticpups.” Nancy’s yr in Terrace yielded the 1st sound-bites in abroadcasting profession which has now spanned a lot more than three years. Shewent on to are a reporter, sponsor and anchor for such main newsshows as CTV’s Canada AM, CJOH Information in her indigenous Ottawa, and asthe Parliament Hill bureau of Global Information. She became a member of the CBC in 1989 when maker Tag Starowicz recruitedher for the network’s documentary device. Her focus on CBC-TV’snightly system The Journal included in-depth documentary segments onsuch topics as the origins of the Mohawk Warrior Culture and onMedicare. Accompanied by her spouse (whom she’s since divorced) andsix-year-old child, Caitlin, in 1991 Nancy shifted to Calgary. Thereshe became a member of Newsworld as the anchor of its prime-time flagshipprogram, This Nation. “I considered it as an experience,professionally and life-smart,” she says. Carrying out a two-year stay static in Alberta that included a lot ofskiing, Nancy came back to Toronto, where she’s hosted a successionof applications for Newsworld. Asked to select her “most excitingbroadcasting encounter” to day, Nancy picks the 2000 SummerOlympics in Sydney, when Simon Whitfield earned the triathlon –Canada’s 1st gold medal. Her preferred political interviews have already been with previous ReformParty innovator Preston Manning – “You might not trust everythinghe says, but he was a remarkably smart, thoughtful politician”– and previous Soviet innovator Mikhail Gorbachev, with whom she talkedwhen he visited Calgary in 1992. “He was interesting to meet up, butbecause we’d to talk via an interpreter, it had been harder todevelop a rapport with him.” Prince Philip was 1 dignitary who remaining Nancy steaming mad whenhe made an appearance about Canada A.M. in 1987 to market one of is own pet causes,the Globe Wildlife Federation. “He slapped my soundman’s handwhen he visited pin the microphone on his tie. After that he was numbinglyboring, refusing to provide a straightforward response to actually the mostinnocuous query.” The interview completed, His Royal Highness stated,“We hope that was alright?” Nancy retorted, “You should be joking!” She finds her toughest assignments are anchoring the reporting of“a disaster in the making”, such as for example 9/11 or last December’sterrorist episodes in Mumbai, India. “Professionally, it’s hugelydemanding, because you’re under no circumstances quite sure what’s coming following,”she says. non-e of this is fairly what she had at heart as a profession during herstudent times at Queen’s or during her short stint as a would-bedancer. But she’s not really complaining about where existence has used her.Says Nancy, “We’m endlessly intrigued with getting component of a venturethat offers such a rapid-response capability to cover the news headlines.” Who’s Nancy Wilson: Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson (born March 16, 1954) can be an American singer, celebrity, musician, songwriter and maker. She along with her old sister Ana will be the main person in the rock-band Heart. Early Existence (Childhood): Nancy Wilson was created in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California, United states. During her childhood times, when she and her sister Ann viewed the Beatles efficiency, they instantly wished to end up like the band. Interesting Information: Nancy was the daughter-in-regulation of Alice Marie Crowe. She was voted 40th on VH1’s 100 Greatest Ladies of Rock N Roll with her sister Ann Wilson. Personal Existence: Nancy wedded Cameron Crowe on 23 July 1986. They collectively have two kids. They divorced this year 2010. She then wedded Geoff Bywater in 28 April 2012. They are happily living till day. Achievement: Nancy offers been nominated in a variety of awards and has earned awards like ASCAP Film and Tv Music Awards and Walk of Fame. $15 Million: Nancy Wilson can be an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer who includes a net well worth of $15 million. Nancy Wilson has gained her net worthy of as an associate of the Seattle/Vancouver rock-band Heart. Nancy became a member of the band along with her old sister Ann. Nancy and business lead guitarist Roger Fischer resided together for quite a while. She was created on March 16, 1954 in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Cailfornia she attended Pacific University situated in Oregon, along with Cornish University of the Arts in Seattle, she majored in artwork and German literature. Nancy was the business lead vocalist on a few of the band’s hits such as for example ‘Treat Me Well’, ‘Theses Dreams’, Stranded’, ‘There’s the Woman’, and ‘Will You Become There (Each morning)’. Nancy also regularly performed the backdrop and harmony vocals. She was also the rhythm and business lead guitarist for the band. She released a solo album in 1999 titled Live at McCabe’s Guitar Store. Nancy wedded Cameron Crowe on July 27, 1986; Crowe was a film director and previous writer for Rolling Rock. They possess two sons and divorced in December of 2010. She helped compose music for a few of Crowe’s movies such as for example; Jerry Maguire, Nearly Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Elizabethtown. She also produced appearances in the 1984 film The Wild Existence and Fast Instances at Ridgemont Saturated in 1982. Nancy along with her sister Ann took component in the We Will be the Globe 25 of Haiti this year 2010. Lately she recorded her personal edition of an early strike by the band Center tilted ‘Dreamboat Annie’ by using Sharon Isbin a classical guitarist. This music was included on Isbin’s album Guitar Enthusiasm. Nancy Wilson can be an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer

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Quick Facts

Net Worth$15 million
Date Of BirthMarch 16, 1954
Height1.6 m
ProfessionActor, Singer, Guess Who I Saw Today, How Glad I Am, What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
EducationPacific University
SpouseGeoff Bywater, Cameron Crowe
ChildrenCurtis Wilson Crowe, William James Crowe
ParentsLois Wilson, John Wilson
SiblingsAnn Wilson, Lynn Wilson
AwardsGrammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album, Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance, NAACP Image Award – Hall of Fame Award, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Artist, Guess Who I Saw Today, How Glad I Am, What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
NominationsBAFTA Award for Best Film Music, Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Score, Satellite Award for Best Original Song
MoviesFast Times at Ridgemont High, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Interesting Facts

1Nancy, along with her sister Ann Wilson, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of the rock band Heart. [February 2013]
2Nancy and her sister, Ann Wilson, were each awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6752 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
3Gave birth to twin sons (her first and second children) at age 45, Curtis Wilson Crowe and William James Crowe on January 23, 2000. Children's father is her now ex-first husband, Cameron Crowe.
4Married Fox executive Geoff Bywater on April 28, 2012, at El Paseo restaurant in Mill Valley, California. The restaurant is co-owned by Tyler Florence and her longtime friend, Sammy Hagar.
5Filed for divorce from Cameron Crowe citing "irreconcilable differences". She listed June 15, 2008, as their date of separation. [September 2010]
6Sang lead vocals on the songs "These Dreams", "There's the Girl", "Stranded" and "Will You Be There (In the Morning)".
7Ex-daughter-in-law of Alice Marie Crowe.
8Ranked #57 on VH1's Greatest Hard Rock Artists with her sister Ann Wilson.
9Ranked #40 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll with her sister Ann Wilson.
10Lead guitarist of the rock band Heart.
11Sister of Ann Wilson and Lynn Wilson.


1Mezzo-soprano vocals


1We're not going to let ourselves be exploited.


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Won Awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2012Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameRecordingAnn Wilson

1997ASCAP AwardASCAP Film and Television Music AwardsTop Box Office FilmsJerry Maguire (1996)

Nominated Awards

Nominated awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
2006Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ComposerElizabethtown (2005)
2002Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest MusicVanilla Sky (2001)
2002Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Original SongVanilla Sky (2001)Cameron Crowe
2001Anthony Asquith Award for Film MusicBAFTA AwardsAlmost Famous (2000)
2001Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Music in a MovieVanilla Sky (2001)
2001PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Original ScoreAlmost Famous (2000)
2000Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ScoreAlmost Famous (2000)



Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy HagarTV Series performer - 1 episode, 2016 writer - 1 episode, 2016
How to Be Single2016writer: "Magic Man"
Demolition2015writer: "Crazy on You" - as Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson
Motive2015TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Diary of a Teenage Girl2015writer: "Dreamboat Annie"
Strange Magic2015writer: "Barracuda", "Straight On In Flight", "Straight On Battle"
Late Show with David Letterman2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2014TV Series writer - 1 episode
Glee2014TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2013TV Series writer - 3 episodes
Identity Thief2013writer: "Barracuda"
The Campaign2012writer: "Barracuda"
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon2011TV Series writer - 1 episode
Nostalgia Critic2009-2010TV Series music - 4 episodes
The Good Guys2010TV Series writer - 2 episodes
You Again2010writer: "Barracuda" 1976
Dancing with the Stars2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
America's Got Talent2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
Dancing with the Stars2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
Cold Case2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Station2009Documentary writer: "Straight On" - as N. Wilson
Chuck2008TV Series writer - 1 episode
My Name Is Earl2008TV Series writer - 1 episode
Grand Theft Auto IV2008Video Game writer: "Straight On" - as N. Wilson
P.S. I Love You2007performer: "Love You 'til the End", "Hat Fulla Sand", "The Galway Girl" / writer: "Hat Fulla Sand"
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock2007Video Game writer: "Barracuda"
Shrek the Third2007performer: "I've Never Been to Me" / writer: "Barracuda"
Guitar Hero II2006Video Game writer: "CRAZY ON YOU"
Prey2006Video Game writer: "Barracuda"
Roll Bounce2005writer: "Barracuda" - as Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson
Elizabethtown2005writer: "Same in Any Language" 2005
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas2004Video Game writer: "Barracuda"
The Sopranos2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle2004writer: "Crazy on You"
Primo amore2004performer: "Happy Talk", "I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over"
Heart: Alive in Seattle2003Video writer: "Crazy on You", "Sister Wild Rose", "Straight On", "Mistral Wind", "Dog and Butterfly", "Magic Man", "Two Faces of Eve", "Love Alive", "Barracuda", "Dreamboat Annie"
Hitting It Hard2002Video documentary short performer: "I Might Be Wrong"
Vanilla Sky2001"I Fall Apart" 2001 / producer: "I Fall Apart" 2001
Popular2001TV Series writer - 1 episode
What Women Want2000performer: "The Best Is Yet To Come"
Charlie's Angels2000writer: "Barracuda"
Almost Famous2000writer: "Fever Dog", "Love Thing", "Love Comes and Goes", "Chance Upon You", "Cabin in the Air"
The Virgin Suicides1999writer: "Magic Man", "Crazy on You"
Wag the Dog1997writer: "Barracuda"
Mystery Science Theater 30001991-1997TV Series writer - 5 episodes
Jerry Maguire1996performer: "We Meet Again" - uncredited
Swingers1996writer: "Magic Man"
Heart: The Road Home1995Video documentary writer: "Dog and Butterfly", "Up On Cherry Blossom Road", "Back To Avalon", "Alone", "Dreamboat Annie Fantasy Child", "Dream of the Archer", "Love Alive", "Straight On", "Barracuda", "Crazy On You" - uncredited
Say Anything...1989performer: "All For Love"
The Golden Child1986lyrics: "THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD"
The Big Score1983performer: "If You Want Me To Sing Me I'll Be A Song"
American Pop1981writer: "Crazy on You"
WKRP in Cincinnati1979TV Series writer - 1 episode


Bridge School News2015TV Series
Glasspack vs Blackstone2013Nancy Wilson (Heart)
Heart Live from Caesars Colosseum2012TV Movie
Heart Dreamboat Annie Live2007TV MovieGuitars
The Wild Life1984David's Wife
Fast Times at Ridgemont High1982Beautiful Girl in Car


Heart Dreamboat Annie Live2007TV Movie
Hitting It Hard2002Video documentary short
Vanilla Sky2001
Almost Famous2000

Music Department

Elizabethtown2005musician: all instruments
Vanilla Sky2001composer: theme music
Almost Famous2000music producer: original songs
Jerry Maguire1996composer: theme music
Say Anything...1989composer: additional music

Camera Department

Pearl Jam Twenty2011Documentary additional camera


A Couple of Days and Nights2005consultant


Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You: A Concert for Kate McGarrigle2012Documentary special thanks: funding


Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Rush: A Salute to Kings2016ShortHerself
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver2016TV SeriesHerself
The Eighties2016TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself - Heart
The Big Interview with Dan Rather2015TV SeriesHerself
The Seventies2015TV Series documentaryHerself - Heart
Late Show with David Letterman2014TV SeriesHerself - Musical Guest
Family Guy2014TV SeriesHerself
Heart & Friends: Home for the Holidays2013TV MovieHerself
The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony2013TV MovieHerself - Honoree / Performer
Turn It Up!2013DocumentaryHerself
The Kennedy Center Honors2012TV SpecialHerself - Performer
Rachael Ray2012TV SeriesHerself
Big Morning Buzz Live2012TV SeriesHerself
That Metal Show2012TV SeriesHerself - Guest
CBS This Morning2012TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Texxas Jam '782012DocumentaryHerself
My First Guitar2011DocumentaryHerself
Heart: Live2011Herself
Heart: Night at Sky Church2011TV MovieHerself
VH1 Divas Salute the Troops2010TV MovieHerself - Performer (as Heart)
Stand Up to Cancer2010TV SpecialHerself (as Heart)
An Iconic Film Revisited: 'Say Anything...' 20 Years Later2009Video shortHerself
VH1 Rock Honors2007TV SpecialHerself
DirecTV Concert Series: Heart2007TV MovieHerself
The View2007TV SeriesHerself
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson2006TV SeriesHerself
Decades Rock Live2006TV SeriesHerself
CMT Greatest Moments: Wynonna2006TV Movie documentaryHerself
The L Word2005TV SeriesHerself
All We Are Saying2005TV Movie documentaryHerself
Heart: Alive in Seattle2003VideoHerself - Guitar
Rock 'n' Moms2002TV Movie documentaryHerself
CMT Crossroads2002TV SeriesPerformer
An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson2001TV Movie documentaryHerself (performer)
Young Hollywood Awards2001TV SpecialHerself
Women Rock! Girls and Guitars2000TV MovieHerself (as Heart)
100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock2000TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself - Member, Heart
Top Ten2000TV Series documentaryHerself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1999TV SeriesHerself
Howard Stern1999TV SeriesHerself
The Howard Stern Radio Show1999TV SeriesHerself
Behind the Music1998TV Series documentaryHerself
A Celebration of America's Music1998TV SpecialHerself
VH1 Presents the 70's1996TV Mini-SeriesHerself
The Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame1995TV Special documentaryHerself
Levine School of Music Benefit Gala Featuring Nancy Wilson1995TV MovieHerself
The New Hollywood Squares1989TV SeriesGuest Appearance
Late Night with David Letterman1982TV SeriesHerself
The Mike Douglas Show1971-1979TV SeriesHerself - Vocalist / Herself - Co-Host
California Jam 21978TV SpecialHerself
The Melba Moore-Clifton Davis Show1972TV SeriesHerself-Guest
The Hollywood Squares1971TV SeriesHerself

Archive Footage

100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs2008TV MovieHerself

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