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Lea T Net Worth is
$5 Million

Lea T Biography

14 Lea T was created with her birth name as Leandra Mederios Cerezo. She was created in 1981 and current her age group is usually of around 34-35 years of age. From the professional T is usually a style diva working like a model and her delivery place is within Belo Horizonte of Brazil. As she was created his Brazil she grew up up in Italian descent. She actually is a transgender and diva from the modeling market with high achievement. Her last name with the term T means the Tisco and she’s been an integral part of many style displays and promotional marketing campaign of the merchandise. Her father may be the well-known football participant of Brazil and his name is usually Toninho Cerezo. Down the road her a lot of the occasions of child years was spent within Brazil and she was male at that time when she was created. Lea T began her early profession by becoming the facial skin of Givenchy which was through the season 2010. Through the extremely time she fulfilled with Riccardo Tisci who was simply Givenchy mature and he provided her the initial entry of their. The 1st runway display that she got made an appearance with was within was during Sao Paulo Style Week. This is within the entire year 2011 where she dragged interest of many from the people who have her stylish display. This is for the Alexandre Herchcovitch. She also became editorials within several journals like Vogue Paris as well as the cover of the numerous journals like Hercules aswell as Love Journals. She also proved helpful being a promoter within lots of the items aswell. Lea T mentioned that she actually is enticed with both sex and she was also within sex reassignment medical procedures within March 2012 in Thailand to improve her sexuality. Within the first time within an interview using the success from the medical procedures she mentioned that she actually is not satisfied using the medical procedures but down the road after couple of weeks she announced the medical procedures went with great reaction. Lea isn’t extremely open relating to her marriage or affair and there is certainly even understand any idea about the stated factors. Lea T is certainly dictated of not really being wedded and does not have any some of her spouses on seeking to her bio. Though she stated of experiencing a sweetheart in her lifestyle however the name of the individual is certainly no extremely specific and apparent. Her bio is certainly strong when it concerns her profession but lower in her personal mentioning’s. Lea T has been her elevation 5 foot 11 in . in high and her statistics with unique curves makes her appearance more appealing and sexy. With her getting as some salary her world wide web worth is certainly estimated stated around 100 million American dollars within the existing period with her higher achievement and accomplishment in her personal profession with her effort.

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