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Jim Boulden Net Worth is
$10 Million

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Jim Boulden is a CNN correspondent located in London. He addresses major stories linked to business and current affairs. He reviews live for CNN daily business applications in the London STOCK MARKET. Though he reviews mainly from European countries, he also addresses information on happenings all over the world generally. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to expand. –> Personal Blessed in Baltimore, Maryland in the entire year 1964, Jim Boulden completed his graduate research in the Kutztown School situated in Pa, in the entire year 1986. He received his bachelor level in Telecommunications with a in Political research from the school. He had went to the Dulaney Senior high school graduating in the entire year 1982. Job Boulden began his profession in journalism when he became a member of PBS leading business plan, The Nightly Business Survey in Washington DC. He afterwards joined Reuters Television as information correspondent and business manufacturer. He was with Reuters from 1990 to 1995. Boulden afterwards joined up with CNN in the entire year 1995 in the London Bureau for the post of bundle manufacturer. He later protected many major tales across European countries and Asia for the every week display at CNN, Business Uncommon. In the entire year 2000 and 2001, he created the present ‘YOUR COMPANY Your Globe for CNN’ covering socially conscious issues like Helps from Uganda, bloodstream diamonds issue in South Africa, as well as the credit issued for the indegent in Bangladesh. Achievements In the entire year 2002, Boulden was area of the group at CNN, which won the 2001 Initial Place Headliner Information Prize for the constant confirming series they do on the display Assault On America. He was also area of the CNN analysis group in the aftermath of Sept 11 damage. He created and reported on the consequences the attack got on other areas of European countries. While dealing with Reuters, he previously protected interesting and route breaking stories just like the Kuwait reconstruction after Gulf Battle, Soviet Union collapse, Maastricht Treaty, unification of East and Western Germany, as well as the intro of the internet. He also reported for the improved commercial power in Istanbul, Turkey citing it as evidence for its signing up for europe. He also do a commendable insurance coverage from the 2004 OPEC convention when a rise in creation was planned to create up for the increasing essential oil prices. Jim Boulden can be significant for his in-depth confirming and he was regarded as the terror maker in the entire year 2001 and 2002 when he and his group at CNN received the Headliner Honor for the entire year 2001. During his journalist profession which spanned over 2 decades, Boulden offers reported on all of the major tales that rocked the worldwide arena.

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