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Jeff Hardy Net Worth is
$12 Million

Jeff Hardy Biography

It’s been announced that the full total size of Jeff Hardy net value today gets to 12 million dollars. He has earned an enormous sum of the money due to his involvement into wrestling. Furthermore career, he’s known for a few others, such as being truly a musician, singer, songwriter and painter. Presently, Jeff Hardy may end up being signed to Total non-stop Action Wrestling, which can be today known as one of many resources of Jeff Hardy net worthy of. Not only is it signed to the company, Jeff Hardy can be known for his period as a wrestler, when he was signed to Globe Wrestling Federation. Before he produced his name well-known in the corporation, Jeff Hardy was a favorite wrestler from the business of Modern Intensive Grappling Arts. This is a promotion firm which belonged to him and his brother Matt. When both brothers got an opportunity to indication to the WWE, they started functioning as jobbers. Afterwards, both brothers produced their names popular in the market because of their involvement in to the tag group division. This happened generally because of their involvement into the fits of Tables, Ladders and Chair. Soon, the group got a name of Group Xtreme and began to become extremely popular in the market, which also elevated the entire size of Jeff Hardy net worthy of. His involvement into this group was very effective with Jeff Hardy learning to be a winner of several matches, such as for example World Tag Group Championships, which he obtained 7 times. Not only is it an associate of the group, Jeff Hardy is certainly also referred to as a one wrestler, which includes also been an effective profession to him. He provides earned a name of the globe champion six times. Onetime he earned a name of WWE Champion, 2 times he provides been titled as Globe Heavyweight Champion and 3 x he was named TNA Globe Heavyweight Champion. With such large winnings, it is no real surprise that Jeff Hardy net worthy of has also elevated by a mile. Furthermore to these titles, Jeff Hardy is certainly also called an Intercontinental Champion, the name which he offers received four occasions. He became the youngest wrestler who offers won this name. Jeff Hardy is usually also known as successful of European Championships, which he offers accomplished onetime. In addition, he in addition has been the champion of Light Heavyweight division, also once. $12 Million: Jeffrey Nero ‘Jeff’ Hardy (born August 31, 1977) can be an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician. He’s most widely known for his use Globe Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) and happens to be signed to Total non-stop Actions Wrestling (TNA). Before gaining prominence in WWE, Hardy performed for the business of Modern Great Grappling Arts (OMEGA), a promotion he ran along with his brother Matt. After becoming signed by WWE, the brothers worked well as jobbers, before getting notoriety in the tag group division, partly because of their participation in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs fits. With the help of Lita, the group became known as Group Xtreme and continuing to rise in recognition. As a tag group wrestler, Hardy can be an eight-time globe tag group champion (six Globe Tag Group Championships, one WCW Tag Group Championship, and one TNA Globe Tag Group Championship) – all along with his brother Matt. Hardy in addition has experienced achievement as a singles wrestler; he’s a six-time globe champion, having kept the TNA Globe Heavyweight Championship 3 x, the WWE Championship once and WWE’s Globe Heavyweight Championship twice. Within WWE he also kept the Intercontinental Championship four occasions, the Light Heavyweight and European Championships once each and the Hardcore Championship 3 x, producing him the eighteenth Triple Crown Champion and the tenth Grand Slam Champion in organization background. Between WWE and TNA, Hardy has won 23 total championships. Hardy is usually involved with motocross, music, painting, and other artistic endeavors. He’s currently an associate of the band Peroxwhy?gen, with whom he offers released two studio albums. Jeff Hardy Net Well worth: Jeff Hardy can be an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, and musician who includes a net well worth of $12 million dollars. Jeff Hardy was created on August 31, 1977 in Cameron, NEW YORK where played soccer during senior high school as a fullback and linebacker and briefly competed in amateur wrestling. His mom died of brain malignancy in 1986, when Hardy was nine. Hardy cites Sting, THE BEST Warrior, and Shawn Michaels as his childhood inspirations to wrestle. Hardy have been on Globe Wrestling Federation (WWF) tv as a jobber—a wrestler who regularly loses to create his opponents look more powerful—as soon as age group sixteen. His 1st WWF match was against Razor Ramon on, may 23, 1994 in Youngstown, Ohio beneath the pseudonym Keith Davis. He’s presently signed to Total non-stop Actions Wrestling (TNA). Hardy offers experienced great achievement as a singles wrestler and is usually a six-time globe champion, having kept the WWE Championship once, the Globe Heavyweight Championship twice and the TNA Globe Heavyweight Championship 3 x, a four-period Intercontinental Champion, and offers kept the Light Heavyweight, and European Championships once each. He’s also a previous Hardcore Champion, having kept the championship on three events. Between WWE and TNA, Hardy has won 22 total championships. Professional wrestler, Jeff Hardy is usually even known as a painter, musician & singer-songwriter who’ve an impressive net well worth approximated around to be $12 million. His prosperity is completely sourced from WWE/WWF. He recognized to earn quantity of accolades to depicts his achievement tale in the wrestling globe such as for example National Championship Light Heavyweight Championship, New Dimension Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship, NDW Tag Group Championship and NFWA Heavyweight Championship. How Rich is usually Jeff Hardy

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Quick Facts

Full NameJeff Hardy
Net Worth$12 Million
Date Of BirthAugust 31, 1977
Height1.88 m
Weight97.52 kg
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Poet, Actor, Professional Wrestler, Painter
EducationUnion Pines High School
SpouseBeth Britt
ChildrenRuby Claire Hardy, Nera Quinn Hardy
ParentsGilbert Hardy, Ruby Moore Hardy
SiblingsMatt Hardy
Music GroupsPeroxWhy?Gen
MoviesExtreme Rules (2009), Night of Champions (2009), SummerSlam (2009), The Hardy Boys: OMEGA: Uncommon Passion, WWE Tagged Classics 2003: No Way Out, WWE: Royal Rumble 2007, Outside the Ropes Presents: Life in the Fast Lane, WWE: Armageddon 2007, WWE: Summerslam 2001, WWE: Armageddon 2008, WWE: Unforgiven 2006, WWE: Survivor Series 2007, WWF: King of the Ring 2001, WWE: Royal Rumble 2008, WWE: Backlash 2007, Pro Wrestling's Ultimate Insiders: Vol. 4: Matt and Jeff Hardy: From the Backyard to the Big Time
TV ShowsWWE Superstars, WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, Saturday Night's Main Event, WWE SmackDown, Impact Wrestling, WWE Heat



TNA Impact! Wrestling2004-2016TV SeriesJeff Hardy / Brother Nero
Slammiversary2016TV MovieJeff Hardy
Genesis2011TV MovieJeff Hardy
Turning Point2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
Bound for Glory2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
No Surrender2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
Victory Road2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
Slammiversary VIII2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
Sacrifice2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
Lockdown2010TV MovieJeff Hardy
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 20102009Video GameJeff Hardy (voice)
WWE Live in the UK: April 20092009VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Superstars2009TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE: Greatest Stars of the '90s2009VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Live in the UK: November 20082009VideoJeff Hardy
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 20092008Video GameJeff Hardy (voice)
E.C.W.2006-2008TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 20082007Video Game shortJeff Hardy (voice)
ECW December to Dismember2006TV MovieJeff Hardy
WWE WrestleMania X-82002Video GameJeff Hardy (voice)
WWE Jakked1999-2001TV SeriesJeff Hardy
Invasion2001TV MovieJeff Hardy
OVW: Christmas Chaos2001VideoJeff Hardy
Fully Loaded2000TV MovieJeff Hardy
No Way Out2000TV MovieJeff Hardy
Fully Loaded1999TV MovieJeff Hardy
That '70s Show1999TV SeriesWrestler #2
WWF Action Zone1994TV SeriesJeff Hardy


TNA Impact! Wrestling2016TV SeriesHimself
The Top 100 Moments in Raw History2012VideoHimself
Head Games2012DocumentaryJeff Hardy
TNA Today2012TV SeriesHimself
Victory Road2011TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Against All Odds2011TV MovieHimself
Final Resolution2010TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules2009VideoHimself
WWE Smackdown!1999-2009TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE Summerslam2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Night of Champions2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE: The Bash2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Raw1994-2009TV SeriesJeff Hardy / Himself / Conquistador Dos / ...
WWE: Extreme Rules2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Judgment Day2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Backlash2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Hall of Fame 20092009TV SpecialHimself
WWE No Way Out2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Royal Rumble2009TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Tribute for the Troops2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Armageddon2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Viva la Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero2008VideoHimself
WWE Cyber Sunday2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE No Mercy2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Unforgiven2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Summerslam2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Saturday Night's Main Event2008TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE Night of Champions2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE One Night Stand2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Judgment Day2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE: Twist of Fate - The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story2008VideoHimself
WWE No Way Out2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Royal Rumble2008TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Armageddon2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Cyber Sunday2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE No Mercy2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Great American Bash2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Vengeance2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Draft Special2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
The Most Powerful Families in Wrestling2007VideoHimself
WWE: The Ladder Match2007VideoHimself
WWE Judgment Day2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Backlash2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WrestleMania 232007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Hall of Fame 20072007TV SpecialHimself
WWE No Way Out2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE One Night Stand2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Royal Rumble2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE New Year's Revolution2007TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Armageddon2006TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2006TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Cyber Sunday2006TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Unforgiven2006TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Summerslam2006TV SpecialJeff Hardy
The Hardy Boyz: From the Backyard to the Big Time2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
TNA Wrestling: Genesis2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Bound for Glory2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Unbreakable2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Sacrifice2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Lockdown2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Destination X2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Against All Odds2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Final Resolution2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
The Hardy Show2005TV SeriesHimself
TNA Wrestling: Turning Point2004TV SpecialJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Victory Road2004TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE No Way Out2003TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Royal Rumble2003TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Three Faces of Foley2002Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
WWE Armageddon2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Vengeance2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
NWA: Total Nonstop Action2002TV SeriesHimself (2004 -)
King of the Ring2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Judgment Day2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Insurrextion2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Backlash2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Sunday Night Heat1998-2002TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WrestleMania X82002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Before They Were WWF Superstars2002Video documentaryHimself
Fear Factor2002TV SeriesHimself
WWF No Way Out2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Royal Rumble2002TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Vengeance2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Rebellion2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF No Mercy2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE: Hardy Boyz - Leap of Faith2001VideoHimself
WWF Unforgiven2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Summerslam2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Tough Enough2001TV SeriesHimself
Lita: It Just Feels Right2001Video documentaryHimself
King of the Ring2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Judgment Day2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Insurrextion2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Backlash2001TV SpecialHimself
WrestleMania X-Seven2001TV SpecialHimself - The Hardy Boyz
Royal Rumble2001TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Armageddon2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Rebellion2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF No Mercy2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Unforgiven2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Summerslam2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
King of the Ring2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Insurrextion2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF Backlash2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WrestleMania 20002000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Royal Rumble2000TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWF: TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs2000VideoHimself
WWF Armageddon1999TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Survivor Series1999TV SpecialHimself - The Hardy Boyz
WWF No Mercy1999/IITV SpecialJeff Hardy
Summerslam1999TV SpecialJeff Hardy
King of the Ring1999TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE Metal1998TV SeriesHimself (1999-2002)

Archive Footage

WWE Randy Orton: RKO Outta Nowhere2016VideoHimself
Straight Outta Dudleyville: The Legacy of the Dudley Boyz2016DocumentaryHimself
The Road Is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J2015VideoJeff Hardy
Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman2014VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Hall of Fame2014TV SpecialJeff Hardy
WWE: Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come2013VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden2013VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History2013VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: CM Punk - Best in the World2012VideoJeff Hardy
The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History2012VideoJeff Hardy
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Best of King of the Ring2011VideoJeff Hardy
WWE the Ladder Match 2: Crash & Burn2011VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: OMG! - The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History2011VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Greatest Stars of the New Millenium2011VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Best Cage Matches2011VideoJeff Hardy
The True Story of WrestleMania2011VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Top 50 Superstars of All Time2010VideoJeff Hardy
Wrestling's Highest Flyers2010VideoJeff Hardy
Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho2010VideoJeff Hardy
The Best Pay Per View Matches of the Year 2009-20102010VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Raw2009TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE Smackdown!2001-2009TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE Summerslam: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 32009Jeff Hardy
WWE: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams2009VideoJeff Hardy
TNA: Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain2009Jeff Hardy
E.C.W.2008TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE Edge: A Decade of Decadence2008VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: The History of the Intercontinental Championship2008VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 32008VideoJeff Hardy
WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42008VideoJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: The 50 Greatest Moments2006Video documentaryJeff Hardy
The Bret Hart Story: The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be2005Video documentaryJeff Hardy
WWE WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 42005VideoJeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: The Best of Jeff Hardy - Enigma2005Jeff Hardy
TNA Wrestling: Slammiversary2005TV SpecialJeff Hardy
Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind2005VideoJeff Hardy
The Rise & Fall of ECW2004Video documentaryJeff Hardy
TNA Impact! Wrestling2004TV SeriesJeff Hardy
WWE: The Stone Cold Truth2004VideoHimself
The Monday Night War: WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro2004Video documentaryJeff Hardy
WWE Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches2003VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain2003VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Raw Tenth Anniversary2003VideoJeff Hardy
WWE: Trish Stratus - 100% Stratusfaction2003Video documentaryJeff Hardy
WWE: Eve of Destruction2002VideoJeff Hardy
WWF: Action!2001VideoJeff Hardy
WWF: Hardcore2001VideoJeff Hardy
Divas in Hedonism2001VideoJeff Hardy

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