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Jack Baker Net Worth is
$1.1 Million

Jack Baker Biography

10 John Anthony Bailey also called Jack port Baker was created on 4th June 1947 in Ohio US and resided along with his grandmother Ruth and his brothers Tom and Ted. Baker went to Merritt College situated in Oakland. After couple of years of graduation, he continued to pursue an performing profession. He was therefore observed in many stage shows and then steadily in movies aswell. Among his numerous shows are, Richard Wesley’s The Dark Terror, John Cochran’s Dark Repertory Western, J. E. Franklin’s also Dark Lady, He also caused the improvisational theater group, The Pitschel Players, and produced unforgettable looks with other SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Area theatre businesses. Bailey also surfaced in sunlight Ra film Space May be the Place that was manufactured in 1972 and released in 1974. Not just that, Baker is mainly known as the type C.C. McNamara around the Sid and Marty Krofft children’s tv program entitled Wonderbug released in 1976. Baker also experienced a recurring part of Sticks on Happy Times, also the drummer of Richie’s music group named M*A*S*H, MEMORIES in 1974 rather than to your investment feature film, The Kentucky Fried Film released in 1977. Bailey after that took the road of pornography in 1980. He started starring in these adult movies beneath the pseudonym Jack port Baker. Later on in 1984, he started appearing positively in adult films such as, I WANT TO Inform Ya ’bout White colored Chicks, New Influx Hookers released in 1985, The Devil in Miss Jones 3: A FRESH Beginning as well as the Devil in Miss Jones 4: THE ULTIMATE Outrage both released in 1986. He do be a part of explicit sex moments but later on he stopped carrying out hard primary sex on-screen and therefore went on to become named like a non-sex acting professional in the adult business. His character types were adored by adult film enthusiasts. Baker’s personality became much less sex focused and even more comedic in character and it continued to create fun of racial stereotypes. His target audience began preference this part of him and therefore Baker became popular among the masses of adult market actors. Baker not merely acted throughout his existence but also aimed an adult film called Slut Safari in 1994. Very little is well known about Bakers personal existence as he was hesitant on talking about his family members. However it is well known that Baker experienced two kids John and Alida. Baker’s dating background, affairs isn’t known. Baker can be noted to possess acted in 140 adult films and created a film. He’s highly reputed in the adult sector for his comedic aspect and acting capability. He is mainly proven to the mass media as mainstream professional John Bailey who afterwards converted himself up to adult sector beneath the name Jack port Baker. He passed away aged 47 on 13th November 1994 in LA, California, US because of bladder tumor. His grave rests in The LA County Cemetery.

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