Dorothea Steinbruch Net Worth

Dorothea Steinbruch Net Worth is
$1.1 Billion

Dorothea Steinbruch Biography

$1.1 Billion: Dorothea Steinbruch may be the widow of Mendel Steinbruch, among the founders of the Vicunha Group together with his brother, Eliezer, and members of the Rabinovich family. Through the conglomerate Dorothea handles Vicunha Textil, among the largest textile producers in the globe, and steel investment automobile Vicunha Siderurgia. Both Vicunha Textil and Vicunha Siderurgia had been delisted in 2013. The majority of Dorothea’s wealth originates from her stake in publicly exchanged metal, mining and cement firm CSN. She also owns stakes in Banco Fibra, founded in 1987 and positioned among the largest Brazilian-controlled personal sector banking institutions, and Fibra Experts, an exclusive equity property firm. In April 2013 three of her kids appeared on a summary of folks from 170 countries whose offshore banking information and personal data had been released to the Washington-structured International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in the biggest leak of economic data ever sold. Her son Leo informed ICIJ that the family’s worldwide accounts ‘exist, are energetic, have already been declared on its owners’ tax forms and also have been duly disclosed to the Brazilian Central Lender as a Brazilian expenditure abroad.’ Dorothea Steinbruch net value: Dorothea Steinbruch is a Brazilian widow who all has a net value of $4.5 billion. Dorothea Steinbruch is among the Brazil’s wealthiest females, Dorothea Steinbruch gained her cash from her late spouse who controlled among Brazil’s largest steel makers Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN). After Dorothea’s brother-in-regulation Eliezer Steinbruch (who also got control of CSN) passed away in 2008, she got over control of the business. Since, along with her three kids, Dorothea shares control of Brazil’s largest steelmakers with $9 billion in revenues and a $15 billion market capitalization. Her child Benjamin Steinbruch offers been both a chairman and CEO of the business since April 30, 2002. While her other child, Ricardo, can be a chairman of the family’s additional firm, Banco Fibra. Nevertheless, the family net well worth has dropped considerably (by almost 40%) since 2011 because of a fall in the cost of CSN shares. Relating to Forbes, the Steinbruch family members will probably be worth $5.5 billion, making them #136 among the richest people in the world. Widowed Dorothea offers three children and presently resides in Sao Paolo. A global known Steel personality Dorothea Steinbruch born about 1st January in great city of Brazil. Dorothea Steinbruch net well worth relating to 2015 stats can be $1,100,000,000. Brazilian businesswoman

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