Deniz Sahenk Net Worth

Deniz Sahenk Net Worth is
$1.7 Billion

Deniz Sahenk Biography

$1.7 Billion: Deniz Sahenk was married to the past due Ayhan Sahenk, founder of Dogus Keeping, who passed away of a coronary attack in 2001. Dogus has passions in finance, mass media, tourism and structure. The main way to obtain her wealth is certainly her stake in Garanti Lender, one of Dogus’ primary holdings. Her boy Ferit and girl Filiz Sahenk are also billionaires. Deniz Sahenk Net Value: Deniz Sahenk is a Turkish businesswoman who all has a net value of $1.7 billion. Born in 1950, she inherited the fortune of her past due hubby Ayhan Sahenk, who passed away of a coronary attack in 2001. Her hubby was the founder of the Dogus Group, which includes interests in media, financing, structure and tourism. The group is among the three biggest personal corporations in Turkey. Presently, she has no energetic duty in the business and she generates prosperity just as a shareholder. Also an enormous component of her fortune originates from Garanti Lender, whose shares improved by approximately 25% previously year. For her two kids, Filiz Sahenk and Ferit Sahenk, they are outlined as billionaires aswell. A global known Bank, Media personality Deniz Sahenk born about Wednesday, May 03, 1905 in great city of Turkey. Deniz Sahenk net well worth relating to 2015 stats is definitely $1,700,000,000. Turkish businesswoman Deniz Sahenk comes with an estimated net well worth of $1.7 billion by March 2013 relating to Forbes. Nearly all Deniz Sahenk’s fortune is definitely amassed from

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