Birgit Rausing Net Worth

Birgit Rausing Net Worth is
$12.6 Billion

Birgit Rausing Biography

$12.6 Billion: Birgit Rausing (born 1924) is a Swedish art historian and philanthropist, the widow of Gad Rausing (1922–2000). She actually is the child of Swedish scenery painter Henry Mayne (1891–1975). In 1944 her father-in-law Ruben Rausing (1895–1983) founded Tetra Pak, which revolutionized the product packaging of liquids such as for example juices and milk. The business was inherited by his sons Gad and Hans. In 1996, Gad bought his brother’s fifty percent of the business. When Gad passed away in 2000, his wife Birgit and their three kids inherited packaging huge Tetra Laval. Birgit Rausing and her family members had around net well worth of US$13.0 billion this year 2010. She can be the 3rd wealthiest person in Sweden, relating to Forbes magazine. Birgit Rausing net well worth: Birgit Rausing is a Swedish artwork historian and philanthropist who includes a net well worth of $13 billion dollars. Birgit Rausing was created in Vaud, Switzerland, although year is detailed controversially, either as 1919 or 1920. Rausing’s dad, Henry Mayne, who resided from 1891 until 1975, was popular for his scenery paintings. Rausing wedded Gad Rausing, with whom she got three kids, Kristen, Finn, and Jorn. The few remained wedded until Gad’s loss of life in 2000. Gad is most beneficial known for his possession of the packing conglomerate business, Tetra Pak, which may be the largest meals packing business in the globe. Founded by his dad, Gad inherited fifty percent of the business when his dad passed on. He then continued to purchase the spouse, operating it under his single ownership. Relating to Forbes Magazine, Rausing may be the third wealthiest person in Sweden, that was listed this year 2010. She falls behind her brother-in-regulation, Hans Rausing, who’s listed as quantity 2. Rausing helped donate a great deal of money toward The Lahore University of Administration Sciences’s library, which includes since been renamed Gad & Birgit Rausing Library. It had been devoted in 2011, after it had been mentioned that the donation was to be utilized for educational purposes. A global known Packaging personality Birgit Rausing born about Friday, April 07, 1905 in great city of Sweden. Birgit Rausing net well worth relating to 2015 stats can be $12,600,000,000. Swedish businesswoman and philanthropist Birgit Rausing comes with an estimated net well worth of $12.6

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