Benny Urquidez Net Worth

Benny Urquidez Net Worth is
$3 Million

Benny Urquidez Biography

Benny Urquidez net worthy of: Benny Urquidez can be an American kickboxer, fighting techinques choreographer, and actor who includes a net worthy of of $3 million. Benny Urquidez was created in Tarzana, California in June 1952. He was referred to as The Jet as soon as held six globe championships in five different pounds classes. Urquidez completed his kickboxing profession with a complete of 49 wins, 2 losses, and 1 pull including 35 wins by knockout. His fights had been sometimes controversial because of ambiguous guidelines and contrasts in designs. Urquidez starred as Billy Ortega in the film Force: Five in 1981. He made an appearance in and/or proved helpful in the stunt section for many other films including Tires on Foods, Fights to the final, Dragons Forever, Road Home, The Fighter, Tango & Money, Down the Drain, Ragin’ Cajun, Bloodmatch, Gladiator, Diggstown, Road Fighter, Grosse Pointe Blank, AND TODAY You’re Dead, Spider-Man, 1408, Awaken, Underdog Kids, Bloodstream In, Blood Out, Great Cop/Poor Cop, Hellbound, Con Atmosphere, The Big Strike, Safe Home, Pearl Harbor, The Medallion, and more.

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