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Apollo Nida Net Worth is
$400 Thousand

Apollo Nida Biography

It’s been claimed that the full total size of Apollo Nida net value gets to a sum of 400 thousand dollars. Apollo Nida became well-known due to his career running a business and also due to being a Television show star. Discussing his profession as a Television show superstar, Apollo Nida provides been showing up on the present called “The True Housewives of Atlanta”, where his wife called Phaedra Parks can be appearing. Nevertheless, Apollo Nida in addition has had very much controversy. He had in which to stay prison for five years due to stealing things. Discussing his family life, that he is also popular, with Phaedra Parks he’s a mother or father to two children – Ayden Adonis Nida who was simply born this year 2010 and Dylan Nida who was simply born in 2013. His wife can be a favorite name in the market. Phaedra Parks can be an entertainment lawyer. She’s also stated that later on she’ll start her very own business, as well. Phaedra Parks provides been appearing in it show called “The True Housewives of Atlanta” for seven seasons. Nevertheless, Apollo Nida recently is becoming more known for most feuds and crimes which he provides convicted. Additionally it is due to these crimes that Apollo Nida net worthy of is normally low today, though it could possess been much higher. It has additionally been claimed that general Apollo Nida is normally accused to getting 3 million dollars from feuds and various other crimes illegally. In 2014, it had been mentioned that Apollo Nida was sentenced to remain 8 years in prison for his many crimes. Initially, it had been known that he previously in which to stay prison for 30 years. However, the length was shortened because of the fact that he cooperated with the government relating to the fraud he provides produced. Phaedra Parks herself provides stated that she acquired no idea about the unlawful activities her hubby was included into. Also, recently there’s been a whole lot of rumors heading on that the few was going to get yourself a divorce, nevertheless, Phaedra Parks stated these rumors are totally false. In the most recent season it show “The True Housewives of Atlanta”, Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks had been portrayed as having a whole lot of arguments mainly because that Phaedra Parks didn’t have much time because of launching her very own business company, and therefore, she paid less focus on her family life. Apollo Nida was been born as Appollo Edard Nida inGeorgia. He was created in 1978 and he’s of African Americana and whiteethnicity. He’s an individual trainer, hehas a net worthy of of 250,000 dollars. Heis a hubby to Phaedra Parks andtheir kids are Ayden Adonis Nida with Dylan Nida. SYNOPSIS –> Go through the picture to enlarge. –> Apollo Nida was created to an Italian American girl with anAfrican American dad but his parents weren’t married meaning that hewas elevated by his one mother. His father didn’t are likely involved into his lifeand he was getting into his lifestyle when he wished to. He got employment as an automobile rep whenhe completed his senior high school. Appollo fulfilled her upcoming wife in 1995 when he was 17while she was 23 in the faculty. They fulfilled through mutual close friends. He wassentenced due to racketeering and having stolen items. He got out becauseof Parole and he dedicated both crimes in 1997. When he got out, he startedagain her romantic relationship with Phaedra plus they got their initial children this year 2010.Their marriage occurred in 2010inBuckhead Atlanta. They got their second baby in 2013 and her wife invested intohis fitness business. Hedeveloped her physique when he was in prison since he was smaller sized before he gotarrested. His body got more interest with Atlanta Housewife series where hehas some photos used shirtless. Pheadra gave him 50,000 dollars in order that he can launchNidaFitness which really is a site that provides fitness gear and guidelines. He worked as an individual trainer whileplanning to start his very own fitness gym. They proved helpful regarding his wife to be able to set up a good work out DVD in2012. Also if Apollo Nida got wedded to Phaedra Recreation area and withtwo kids, he does not appear to be off the difficulty and he was arrested againin 2014 due to lender fraud and theft. It really is believed that as he’s waiting to get an opportunity to pleadguilty, Phaedra also really wants to obtain divorcefrom him. Phaedra hadn’t yet went back into the brand new period ofReal Housewives for Atlanta. As an income toappear in RHOA or True Housewives Of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks is usually paid 300kdollars as the spouse Apollo get 50K-75K dollars. For the reunion display for Phaedra got 75Kdollars. Phaedra net well worth is usually 2million. The display was sometimecontroversial due to Apollo when his wife accused another co-celebrity KenyaMoore to flirt along with his spouse. Parksconfirmed this displaying some texts lines that she thinks that these were notappropriate. Nevertheless, people advices Kenya to view her back again since Phaedra perhaps a Scorpio girl. Nevertheless, People state that Kenya could be seeking to create adrama in order that she could be voted the queen of drama. However, no matter thereason to accomplish what she does, everybody loves the show plus they want to observe theentire cast returned. Apollo Nida net well worth: Apollo Nida can be an American businessman and fact television star who includes a net well worth is $400 thousand dollars. Apollo Nida may be the husband of THE TRUE Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Phaedra Parks. A secured asset recovery specialist, he’s also a convicted felon, who offered five years in jail for getting stolen products. Apollo and Phaedra possess two youthful sons, Ayden Adonis Nida, who was simply born in-may of 2010 and Dylan Nida who was simply born in August of 2013. His wife, Phaedra is an effective entertainment attorney, and a recently available graduate of mortuary college; she intends to start her own mortuary solutions business soon. She’s been with THE TRUE Housewives of Atlanta for a number of seasons, and is greatly associated with civic affairs in Atlanta, along with the surrounding area. In January 2014, federal government investigators accused Apollo Nida of using fake businesses and lender accounts to illegally get credit reports about people. An alleged co-conspirator after that used the credit file to acquire fraudulent loans. He allegedly assumed the identities of 10 women in this manner to acquire mainly false automobile financing. Nida in addition has been accused of spending a US Postal employee to steal pension checks delivered to Delta Workers from the mail and checks which were issued to individuals who were owed cash from various condition and government agencies. Altogether, Apollo Nida is usually accused of fraudulently obtaining $3 million worth of fake loans and stolen checks. Because of this criminal offense, he could have

Quick Facts

Net Worth$400 thousand
Date Of BirthNovember 19, 1978
ProfessionPersonal trainer, Businessperson
SpousePhaedra Parks
ChildrenDylan Nida, Ayden Nida
ParentsKatrina Toohey
SiblingsEverett Nida

Interesting Facts

1Father, with Phaedra Parks, of son Ayden Adonis Nida, born in May 2010.



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