Antonia Johnson Net Worth

Antonia Johnson Net Worth is
$6.82 Billion

Antonia Johnson Biography

$5.6 Billion: Antonia Ax:child Johnson (surname pronounced Axelson Johnson), born in NEW YORK in 1943, may be the fourth generation of the family members business The Axel Johnson Group, founded by her great grandfather in 1873. In 1982 she succeeded her dad as chairman of the panel for Axel Johnson Stomach, Sweden, and Axel Johnson Inc., Stamford, USA. Regarding to Forbes Antonia Johnson was the 3rd richest Swedish billionaire in 2013. By March 2013 Forbes reported her net worthy of as $9.2B. Antonia Johnson net worthy of: Antonia Johnson is a Swedish billionaire who have has a net worthy of of $8.5 billion. Antonia Johnson is among Sweden’s richest females. She stepped into her father’s sneakers as the top of the Axel Johnson Group, a diversified trading business, in 1982. Almost ten years before taking the business lead of the business, the privately kept businesses was founded by her great-grandfather, and through the years it provides acquired passions in food, protection, energy, telecom, property and industrial items. The group holds main shares in leading Scandinavian businesses, including a 46% stake in Axfood Stomach, which is among the largest food functions on the peninsula. Ahead of becoming wealthy heiress, Johnson attended Radcliffe University as an exchange pupil in the first 1960s, growing up right into a well-educated youthful girl with a generous and philanthropic center, eventually learning to be a wife and mom of four. Through the years, Johnson backed manifold Swedish charities, probably the most significant being the Globe Childhood Foundation, that was founded by the queen of Sweden. A global known Axel Johnson Group personality Antonia Ax:son Johnson born in Monday, September 06, 1943 in great city of NEW YORK, NY. Antonia Johnson net worthy of regarding to 2015 stats is certainly $5,600,000,000. Considered as among the wealthiest ladies in Sweden, Antonio Johnson can be an American businesswoman and heiress with around net worth of $6.82 billion by July 2017, according to Bloomberg. She actually is the heiress of the Axel Johnson Group, that was founded by her

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